Fragrance & femininity.

Lately, I’ve had quite the sensitive nose & and any “foul” smelling whiffs have literally left me gagging for dear life! Even if it’s something as small as a French fry finally airing it’s odor from underneath my car seat after falling there a week ago…

I πŸ‘πŸΎ can’t πŸ‘πŸΎ deal πŸ‘πŸΎ

So of course, the super “intuitive” internet caught on to this and *poof!* there’s hella video suggestions on my YouTube feed about different fragrances that smell good for the body, rooms & even hair!

Currently, one of my favorite perfume gurus is Hailey Gamba & ladies…when I tell you she shares ALL the tea ⚜️ (click here for her latest videos). Another fragrance connoisseur that I really like is Demi Rawling. Passion makes perfect!

Somewhere down the line of not knowing my worth, hanging around the wrong people and needing to go down the valley of the shadow of death solo for awhile, I kind of lost my own femininity, in terms of how much I saw it as a priority… It’s quite sad actually. But although both men & women should embrace their masculine and feminine energies to really live life aligned & in their truest power, as a woman, it is VITAL to really project & enhance your feminine energy more so, than not… that is, if you’d like to be treated as the feminine woman that you feel yourself to be.

Just as a man who acts as woman is tapping into his feminine energies more than his masculine, which would result in him being Gay or just appearing gay to others and romantically attracting gay men & masculine women…a woman who is feeding more into her masculine energies will likely attract men that are more ego receptive from many than they are providers for 1 (I.E. Play boys)…but…I…digress…

Neither is more “right” or “wrong” than the other, because at the end of the day, you have to be true to who you are and really pay attention to what fulfills you emotionally (which can be studied internally & as well as externally by examining your moon placement in your natal chart. PS. Mine is in Libra πŸ™‹πŸΎβ€β™€οΈβ™ŽοΈ)

But any who! Back to the perfumes! (Coffee reallyy opens my throat chakra, okay πŸ—£)

Fragrance isn’t absolutely necessary to shine as a feminine woman but it definitely is a great way to appeal greatly to the senses of yourself and even others. For example, studies have shown that masculine men tend to really be attracted to the scent of Vanilla on a woman. This is when you can test out different fragrances with the Vanilla aroma included and see which one blends well with your own natural body scent if you’re going out with the intent to attract your future King…or whateva.

…because YES, everything is NOT for everyone.

& NO, this is not the only way to be “attractive”.

Patience is a virtue, so I would never suggest going around buying the first thing that someone suggests to you. Try a sample before splurging and see how it accents you over the coarse of an entire day. (There was a lady that shared how a popular scent ended up smelling like PICKLE on her by the end of her day! 🀒)

Feminine essence is all about the present moment…the here & now…creation & the subconscious mind.

Why not make your presence known without having to say a word, in more ways than 1?

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