Coral Toothpaste: Cleansing miracle πŸ™ŒπŸΎ or enamel eroding BS? πŸ’©

Brushing your teeth is honestly only what you make it. I mean, can you really HATE it?…can you truly LOVE it? Ehhh… It’s just one of those activities that has to be done or you end up hurting yourself with yellow & withering teeth in the long run, as well as hurting others by watering their eyes and making their nose hairs curl upon communication.

Now, I love my teeth and all, but I’ve never been super quick to hop on the next big trend considered “best” for them. Just squirt some minty cream on my tooth brush and I’m Gucci πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ However, thanks to good ‘ol IG listening in on my innermost subconscious thoughts (obviously), an AD for Coral Nano Silver ToothPaste kept popping up on my TL!

After seeing a promo for a sample box for just a 99Β’ shipping fee, I said to myself, “let me go ahead & jump on this train real quick then!” πŸš‚

The items came pretty fast and even though they were not at all what I was expecting, I still kept an open mind.

FYI: I was expecting cute little mini-toothpaste tubes but they were created as packets :/ (…still cute nonetheless though.)

Anywho, what’s all the hype about, you ask? Well, after about a week of using this product (along with the dope bamboo toothbrush that’s included**), I’m LUHHH-VING it!

The flavors are so natural, nothing super overpowering at all.

The texture is similar to that of clay. Like, the wet clay that’s used to make pottery & stuff.

It’s NOT gritty! (So of you’re worried about it shaving away at your enamel like sandpaper to stone, don’t. fret. Most toothpastes *especially whitening pastes* are made abrasive AF, unless it’s specifically formulated for sensitive teeth, and this stuff of smoother than silk imo.)

The bamboo toothbrush has super soft bristles, even softer than the +name not disclosed+ toothbrush given to me by my dentist! Now, I will admit, if you’re not used to bamboo going into your mouth, this will feel slightly weird.

The package also comes with a mini-mouth wash!

Overall, I would definitely consider buying more of this product as I continue to experiment what teeth cleaning supplies (literally, a new hobby).

Does it whiten? Yes! I’ve actually been getting more compliments on my smile since using it, so that’s a plusssss.

Besides, the silver thats mixed in this product also aids in HEALING your teeth naturally! Ah, Mother Earth ❀️

Click here to check out for even more info on this product & try it out for yourself!

Happy smiles. 🎍😬

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