Gemini Man β€’ the movie β€’| Cosmic correlation?

It was a late Wednesday afternoon when I saw the most beautiful pink clouds so naturally displayed on the horizon, only to soon be blocked by good ‘ol Marta with a movie AD on the side! (…yes, I’m one of those drivers that gets distracted by glitzy billboards and people dancing while spinning car wash signs).

Oh, another Will smith movie…gRondBrEAkinG.“, I thought somewhat along those lines.

Continuing to drive, the name of the movie stuck in my head…”Gemini Man“…I couldn’t help but try to imagine a Libra acting like a man with core Gemini energy. I mean, it really couldn’t be THAT difficult, communication-ally speaking at least.

Long story short…I went into the movie theatre with my mini notebook & pin at hand to see JUST how accurate a typical Gemini Man is being portrayed here.

Initially, the notepad was needed as things took off on a slow foot. I kept an open mind to truly give it a chance as well as have a good movie experience…but as time went on…my mind was BLOWN.

SPOILER ALERT! 🚨 Do NOT read beyond this point if you actually want to know nothing about the movie before watching it because I’m about to spill all the tea con croquets!

I know that I can’t be the only one thinking that this was going to be a movie about Will Smith playing a man who seemingly has borderline personality disorder or schizophrenia. Because let’s be honest, Gemini’s are mental AF **generally speaking***

Well, this movie was nothing like that cheesy assumption & I was kind of upset at first but as the ball went to rolling, my eyes were so glued to the screen that I didn’t even bother with my note taking anymore!

…but don’t worry, I have cinematic memory.

Basically, Will played a character name “Henry” & Henry was essentially a snipper for yearsss, became a beast at it, and decided to retire after his conscious started catching up to him and he couldn’t even look at himself in the mirror anymore. (I hear murder can actually do that to you with age).

Things were going great until he was talking to a guy that told him top secret info on a boat and he ended up having money on his head after that!

Now, THIS is where I planned on comparing and contrasting any traits he showed that was very “Gemini Man-ish” BUT, once the action packed the screen, his freaking clone came out of no where trying to kill HIM!


His c l o n e.

It looked exactly like him, for the most part, just younger, more conniving & fast as HELL.

As soon as I saw the clone (before it was discovered that he was in fact his clone), I thought of how Gemini energy is very hot & cold. One minute they’re a blast to be around, the next they’re just a bland shell of themselves & the NEXT they’re completely juvenile, bored with life and making others suffer just to entertain themselves (the last face kinda sounds like Capricorn, but I digress!)

There was a scene when Henry first met “Danny” (basically his partner in crime thereafter, and who gave me strong Virgo vibes the entire time BTW), and his first instinct was to kill the bee flying by. You’d think it was because he’s so used to killing things (which, if that were the case, would be a major psychological issue that would require extensive therapy to protect society at large) but it was actually because he was allergic to bee venom. This in itself shows the nature of Gemini that is often misunderstood (along side it’s mercurial sibling, Virgo).

Though Gemini energy does give off entirely different “presences”, so to speak, to a persons existence, Henry being at a different stage in his life, un-interested in the thrill that snipper-hood gave him, his clone was especially a representation of the “inner” him that took over his essence during those times that he enjoyed it. He even stated in the movie that seeing the other “him” was like looking at a “ghost”. This brings me to the shadow/ghost selves in all of us. Most people are well aware of their “ego” and can recognize when its peaking its head into existence and can gain back control when need be. However, people with dominant Gemini energy don’t really see or feel their other selves as being “other selves”…it all just HAPPENS! Some may have an inkling of hindsight depending on other placements in their natal chart that may provoke a stronger sense of self-awareness, but for this energy, the “switch” usually controls THEM.

As the movie went on, it took awhile for the other Will, I mean…Henry, to accept the knowledge given to him that he was in fact a clone of the very person he was trying to kill!

It’s very destructive when you can’t even recognize your own, often higher, self, because you’re so consumed in your ego.

Gemini energy can be a bit selfish, blunt and just all over the place, because their mind(s) can’t slow down enough to really notice exactly who & what they might be effecting.

I’d definitely say that this movie had a lot of hidden messages within it that can hit home pretty deep (…yeah, I shed a tear or two) that really opens your eyes to the importance of working on improving your own self-awareness, as time will continue to tick regardless.

There’s a person in you, that knows you more than you do. That if you calm things down, internally, long enough to actually listen to, you’ll discover what you’re truly made of, and in turn, be given the power to consciously create a new history & future for yourself that caters to both the soul & the ego.

Hmm…I actually didn’t spill as much tea as I originally thought (as I’m still thrown for a loop with how the storyline actually unfolded, LAWD) but I’d say that even though the movie wasn’t super connected to astrology, there were STILL jewels to be dropped and I hope you enjoyed catching ’em & be sure to check out “Gemini Man” in a theatre near you!

*Sends more positive Gemini moon vibes your way before the moon shifts into Cancer on 10/19 @ 6:43AM EST! *

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