Sexual Influences of the New & Full moon.

When we think of sex, we think of the full moon. Or…at least I do!

Sexual energy is among the most creative of all energies in the universe. After all, without sex…there would still only be two humans and 1 pair of each animal! Something HAD to get the snowball growing.

The full moon is a time of release. A time to roam openly and freely within all of life, all of our emotions & all of who we’ve become!…& what better way to do that THAN through sex, right? Well…yeah & no.

Even though sexual affection is the obvious way to even out some of those creative juices flowing through you at this time to avoid pure insanity at its rawest state, releasing your creativity through your inner-inspired passions and outlets will be of GREAT benefit! Whether you dance, sing, draw, etc!, during the days that the full moon energy is the strongest is when you’ll really be releasing your magic and manifesting complete & total awesomeness!

The full moon is like a full, pregnant belly and the new moon is more like an open & ready vagina. The new moon is all about planting the seeds, penetrating our intent into the universe. The full moon is when the baby is ready to be released unto the world and shine a whole new light for it! Pure & innocent is what true, love-making sex is. Leveling us, and the world as a collective, up in more ways than one.

Giving birth was never intended to be painful…for pain and pleasure, are essentially one in the same, depending on how you choose to experience it.

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