Prayer vs. Meditation

Being raised in a Christian home, prayer was something that was instilled in me at a very young age. You, the “Our father, which art in Heaven…” one? Yeah, that was my tongue twister at 10 years old 😂

However, as I’ve grown more and expanded my knowledge on religion as well as spirituality as a whole, I’ve found that meditation is something that is actually pretty similar to prayer.

In my opinion, prayer is basically mediation using words…and we all know the power that the tongue has; combine that with the magic of the darkness behind our eye lids 👁 and BOOM! You’ve got a blessing!

I mean…yeah, it doesn’t exactly happen like magic all of the time, as everything we pray for isn’t MEANT to manifest.

…and that’s where meditation comes into play. Meditation helps us to completely tune in to ourselves, with no words or even thoughts, to really receive the answers to what is best for us in this lifetime. Meditation aids in the process of separating our mere wants from our utmost needs to really recognize what is worth our time in prayer to begin with.

After all, God speaks to us all in silence. The more we listen to God, the less torturous our ride is! Sure, life is a combination of both intuition and experience, but the balance is oh, so, crucial to stay hinged!

So in essence, both prayer & meditation are equally as valuable to our lives and wellbeing.

Meditation is more of a pre-cursor to prayer as it’s needed to assist in confidently going into prayer knowing that what is being prayed for is likely to come to pass for the best ultimate results as well as assisting our actions to match.

Side note: General prayer (for storm victims, your enemies, etc) also benefits from meditation as meditation allows us to reach a state of calmness & truly release any expectations of our own and allow a higher power to take control of the situation. As faith and worry are impossible to possess at the same time!

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