Serotonin & the Other Brain.

Serotonin is such a pretty name…almost sounds good enough to eat, right?

Welp…it’s definitely no stranger to our stomachs as up to 90% of it is produced in our digestive tracts!

What, when, why and how much we eat has the ability to kill our vibe or raise it.

The more you eat, the lower vibrational you are…which brings on the “ittis”. Ya know, when all you want to do is sleep now because you’re a gluttonous hog. BUT! Sleeping right after your personal feast for 10 will only make matters worse, as not only are you storing that fat around your core area (and other parts of your body) but you’re also not actually getting a quality sleep.

Fun fact: Serotonin also effects how we process sleep.

Think, “full tummy, life is sunny”. Well, too much sun burns everything in sight, but when the moon has a chance to rise, on our virtually empty stomachs while we sleep, things are able to probably process with ease, allowing our bodies to relax & have to need to breakdown things in abundance.

On the other hand, when you don’t eat enough, you’re in “moon mode” all of the time, and this is when the phrase, “skinny b*tch” was born.

What you eat effects your serotonin as well. Too many “wants” or even too many needs can throw things off, just as too little of each can as well.

“Needs” are typically the foods grown from the earth, while wants are more so on the processed, sugary and fattening side of life.

Balance is key.

Depriving yourself of either can effect you, so unless you wholeheartedly enjoy eating only veggies everyday, don’t force yourself to just because it’s what you “should” do. Patience is key with all growth and lifestyle adjustments, and rushing will only pretty much guarantee failure overtime in some way.

So stop beating up your brain so much about what it is and isn’t operating like, and hold your self accountable! Core health is very vital, after all, isn’t life itself physically formed there?

Love yourself enough to put in the work to ensure that you’re not just living your best life, but THRIVING in it!

PS. That sinking feeling in our stomachs when a “bad vibe” is felt, is our serotonin levels dropping rapidly as a warning ⚠️ to steer clear and observe, while those fluttery butterflies are the serotonin levels bubbling up from the crevices of our guts and trying to change our nervous thoughts (consciously or subconsciously) into happy ones…it’s when we can’t seem to redirect those thoughts to match the feeling that manifests anxiety instead.

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