Destructive emotions within the signs & how to cope.

Let’s face it, be it an earth or a fire sign energy, we ALL have experienced and/or are experiencing NERVES. Be it through shyness, anxiety or just having an overwhelming sense of someone or something getting ON your nerves…they’re there.

Here’s a little breakdown of how each sign can experience less favorable emotions & how to deal.

Disclaimer: This information is based solely on the general energies of each sign. Where the sign is placed in your personal Natal Chart, as well as to what degree, will effect its true force in your life.

β™ˆοΈ Aries | Aries are known for their playfulness & impulsivity. There’s honestly not much to say about Aries & nervousness, but seeing an Aries under any type of stress is like seeing an angry bull trying to stay calm. Keep waving that red flag if you dare 🚩 …you WILL regret it. Though they don’t sulk in low vibrational energies, they can allow them to aide in decisions that provoke utter chaos. Anxiety hits this sign when boredom strikes. This is what will lead in the destructive side of their impulsiveness & drive them to move solely on desire rather than logic.

In order to cope with anxiety with a strong Arien energy, it’s best to make sure that your life is filled with a BUNCH of beneficial things that you find interesting in different ways. Like a child, Aries will do just about anything to get what they want. In order to avoid life punishing you like a child in return, tap more into the logic of it all. Having multiple things in your life at all times to keep you busy (yes, even one of those spinning fidget toy things), will prevent you from having built up tension in the solar plexus as well as avoid the act of picking that one random thing that throws sh*t up to the fan.

♉️ Taurus | Ah, Taurus. Taurus is the first sign to come to my mind when I think of tranquillity. Slow to anger & seemly always down for the cause. HOWEVER, just like any other earth sign, there’s quite a bit going on in the dome. The thing is, Taurus knows how to “self-soothe”; usually via sensual pleasures (eating, cuddling, shopping, etc). Though, not necessarily shy, this energy can definitely bring forth anxiety when rubbed the wrong way for too long or too harshly. This will lead the evolved Taurus to seek alone time in solitude & familiarity. The un-evolved Taurus is likely to seek revenge much like its opposite sign, Scorpio. Though Scorpios revenge in often very strategic and can be conducted even after a long period of time has passed, Taurus isn’t about the grudge life. Their revenge is often physical and in-the-moment. (Yeah, a stressed out or angered Taurus is likely to key your car πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ) #sorrynotsorry

Taurus can cope with feeling low by getting back to what feels good on every level.

β™ŠοΈ Gemini | Gemini’s tend to get nervous whenever confronted with something they aren’t familiar with it. It’s rare that they’ll shy away from the situation & will in turn talk so much about everything they do know about, that it somehow actually seems like all is well in their competency. Now, we all know that Gemini isn’t JUST Gemini, & this isn’t at all a myth. The other “self” can be pretty aloof & internal (kind of like an angry Virgo/silent Scorpio mix) when in this state. Usually, this side comes out to spice things up for themselves. The drama that Gemini can bring for the sake of being entertained can bring on a lot of misfortune in the karma department, but what’s karma to an energy that can just fade into its alter self to escape the emotional repercussions?

A way to cope with these less favorable life responses for a Gemini would be to practice self-awareness. The more you learn about all that you are, the more control you gain over what brings you mental stimulation (in a way that doesn’t turn people away from you).

♋️ Cancer | Cancers are notoriously known for their moods. Closely connected to the moon (which changes energies every 2-3 days) can definitely make this sign come off as shy in certain situations. Not shy in a self-conscious way, but shy as in an others-conscious way. Cancer energy is very sensitive to the vibrations around them and they are quite empathetic. They’re not the type to do things just to do it, it has to feel right or in a manipulative sense, benefit them in some way. Therefore, if something feels off, they can internally (and physically) hide away until they’ve gotten their own energies back up & running. Needless to say, there’s a whirlwind of emotions felt by this sign.

To cope with these feelings, it’s good to know how to self-center and tap a bit more into logic when need be. 🧠 Not everything allows for a hideaway to recharge, so knowing how to place yourself there mentally while staying well in the moment can be really beneficial (like an instant change of perception).

β™ŒοΈ Leo | Leos are probably further from being shy than both Aries & Sagittarius combined. This energy naturally thrives on attention & praise. Ruled by the sun, it’s engraved in their nature. 🌞 With that being said, Leo’s can get quite anxious when the attention is not on them. This energy will feel the need to do something (intentionally or subconsciously) to get back in the limelight. I wouldn’t say they’re selfish or even super competitive, they just are fueled by being noticed. Extroverts, nonetheless. However, this can create a lot of misunderstandings & reputation altering events for the Leo if certain things aren’t taken into consideration.

An evolved Leo knows that even though others are shining, there’s nothing to feel uncomfortable about. More than one star can shine (though, technically the sun is the BIGGEST star, but that’s besides the point, kinda). Taking in criticism should be taken lightly to avoid the risk of mild depression & lack of effort at all (which somehow, still brings the Leo attention for being in such an opposite state of existence). Being sure of yourself even without loads of external validation is something of value to study within.

♍️ Virgo | Virgos are likely the poster children for anxiety as the search for perfection can be never ending. As in, if they don’t feel like they’ve met their own standards, it’s a wrap for their sanity. 🀯This is why strong Virgoen energies don’t take criticism well. It’s like beating yourself to a pulp & having the world have its way with your remains too! Therefore, shyness & anxiety are attributes that follow. However, unlike Cancers “others-consciousness” & empathy, Virgos can actually be pretty self-conscious & lack empathy (which can come off to others as being “stuck up”). Again, if they don’t feel up to par for themselves, it won’t matter if they seem just fine to others, they still won’t want 1 single eye on them until they receive some kind of external validation (though they don’t seek it, as the effect it brings is often short lived if they don’t feel the same at all). This can enhance the Virgos impatience & harsh criticism to unleash, on both themselves & others.

In order to cope when these low forces take over, its best to step outside of yourself & notice that you’re not alone in this. We’re all just here trying to figure -ish out and although being precise isn’t all bad, too much of ANYTHING is. Express those qualities within a passion that can be of benefit to yourself (& others.)

β™ŽοΈ Libra | Libras are all about keeping the peace. Not shy at all…unless presented with an issue that requires any kind of confrontation. Anxiety & self-doubt can kick in when the relationships in their lives aren’t up to par. They really identify themselves based on the genuine connections that surround them. Without any kind of strong partnership, Libra can lose their charm and can be left feeling defeated.

To cope with these feelings is to practice self-love. πŸ₯° Libras typically don’t have confidence issues, as they naturally have this inner knowing that they are freaking adorable, but when push comes to shove & theres no one around you reassuring you that you are worthy of the same love you crave to give, it can put quite the damp on things. Just like everything that happens in life, it’s meant to build us. So taping into yourself during those alone times will help you not only become stronger but also help you give off less of a co-dependent energy when around others again.

♏️ Scorpio | Scorpio is the Fire energy of the waters signs. Mysterious yet fearless, but still…quite emotional. Scorpios mystery can come off as shy (and even kind of scary to some) but they’re likely just feeling you out & plotting their move in terms of how they will present themselves in the given situation. Scorpios anxiety can quickly be transformed into rage/deeply rooted passion as a way to make sense of things. They can be testy & driven by the desire to see who people really are, even in their darkness. Kind hearted nonetheless, but can be intimidating (much like initial male Cancer energy) to protect the fluffy spots inside.

To cope with rage and the need for revenge is to forgive. Karma can and will always do a better job at getting back at someone without you having to waste any of your energy conjuring up the “perfect” recipe for your victims downfall. 😈

♐️ Sagittarius | Sagittarian energy is pretty open. Though fiery and free like Aries, emotions can run wild when they need excitement. (This sign can often come off as a bit “much” but it’s simply their free spirit that truly doesn’t give a πŸ’© about boundaries.) If they aren’t accomplishing their goals or flat out traveling the world, they can shut down pretty deeply, drop everything, and “run away” to soothe the wounds. This lowness can also bring out competitive vibes with those around them as they naturally just want to live & inspire others. Kind of hard to do that when you don’t feel inspired by your own self. Impulse road trips & life changing decisions in love & career are both necessary, though can be deadly for Sag. Balance is key.

Until you’re able to love the you without the awards & without the exotic adventures, you’ll constantly seek it & will never feel truly accomplished.

♑️ Capricorn | Capricorn can be quite the work-a-holic. This energy is a nice mix between the “IDGAF” attitude of Sagittarius & the need to engulf their focus into something that Virgo also possesses. When stressed, Capricorn’s can be twice as much of the “devils-advocate”. πŸ‘Ή Usually stressed by financial issues or a threatened position of power/status, they will in turn try to make others feel inferior to regain a sense of superiority. This is why Capricorn’s can come off pretty distant & hard to crack at first, they aren’t really for the fun and games, especially with work matters & take life pretty seriously. When around an anxious Capricorn, things can get pretty heated & much like Taurus, things are likely to get physical depending on the other placements. However, most altercations consist of snarky emotionally abusive remarks towards others when in a low state of being.

To cope with these traits, it’s best to step outside of yourself and think of how this could be making others feel. Sure, life is all about doing what needs to be done to maintain your own happiness, but just NOT at the expense of others.

♒️ Aquarius | The Aquarian energy definitely comes off as shy initially, but in actuality, the sign is just really self-aware & lives within that awareness without needing to throw it on others right off the bat. They can be stubborn in this sense, as their own ideas seem to create a much better world to them, so unless something else is above and beyond innovative & interesting, they can deny its value all together. With their need to be perceived as the alien the are, they can get a little anxious when someone steals that unique shine. πŸ‘½ They a pretty selfish with their idea of being the “one and only” (as they should, as we are all the one and only version of us.) However, being nonchalant to the efforts of others can be quite damaging to relationships & friendships. This can also lead to snappy, frankness when not left alone in their worlds of technical creativity.

To deal with this in a healthy way, Aquarian energy should respect and appreciate that others simply care and want to be “let in”. Also, respecting others views without voicing your doubts about them simply because they don’t match your own can make for longer-lasting partnerships.

♓️ Pisces | Ah, Pisces. The sign that kinda takes on the energies off all the signs. The chameleons, so to speak. They know how to make anyone feel welcomed, but also…how to make them feel not so welcomed. Piscean energy can either be super upbeat and positive or super low, negative & draining. πŸ₯΅ Not so much like Gemini with two entirely different states of awareness, but with two perspectives that they kind of just hop into at any given place in time based on an emotional trigger. At first interaction, you’re likely to love the Pisces! Nothing shy about these energies but, because they feel so much of everything and they’re actually living out their lives based on these sensations, the “crash” can hit pretty hard. They escape from their own realities via emulating others or indulging in toxic things. This can make people perceive them as a toxic person after awhile because not only do their energies shift but so does their flow.

So, to cope with this Piscean whirlpool, it’s good to escape in a way that won’t damage your liver or suck the life out of your friends. Find away to express yourself in other, healthier ways that can make people feel you through your art/craft & change lives.


Astrology isn’t meant to change you, but guide you into your higher self.

To book reading & discover more about your own Natal energies & how they thrive within you, click here!


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