You Have It All.

You know, things are never really as bad as we think they are.

Life simply IS.

If you spend your time focusing on a bunch of bad things, it’s just going to snowball into this massive problem that seems irreversible but in reality, it doesn’t. even. exist.

Everything you NEED, you have.

Getting caught up in the wants that aren’t exactly in our tangible worlds (yet, is meant to be) will only make you feel like you lack EVERYTHING!

Then here comes the pity party 🎉

Ayeee! Tears on me!

says my unsatisfied ego.

Don’t let your ego be the death of you…

Yes, life can bring on some touch situations, but trust me, if just open your eyes to the resources that you currently have…there’s nothing stopping you from reversing everything & walking out of it strong with a powerful lesson under your belt. #wisdom

You have it ALL. Appreciate it before you end up with the “wants” that actually don’t serve your soul.

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