Yeah, You Screwed Up. It’s OK | Learn & APPLY.

Often times, we find ourselves beating ourselves up over what we could have done differently/better.


The fact that you have a conscious big enough to effect you like that, shows just how much you are doing things RIGHT.

Yeah, you may have slipped up…reacted a certain way that was out of character, let your emotions get the best of you, didn’t listen to your intuition well enough, etc. BUT! You, my friend, are a beautiful person who has enough life in them to allow those flowers of growth to grow within them.

Now stop watering them so much!! 😭

Let the sun shine with by taking the L, flipping it upside down, hoping up on that thing and looking down on how far you’ve come from it towering over you!

Chances are, if you knew better, you would have done better. Heck, sometimes we know better and still get a little tested.

After all, a toddler can’t possibly know how to solve multiplication equations until they first comprehend how! Heck, here I am, a grown woman, still taking out her calculator for some of these number set-ups!

It’s OK.

Just learn, learn, learn and apply, apply, APPLY!

You only fail when you take the L and chose to apply zero lessons and you’re back to square 1 with the same exact L upright, if not two. 🤯

Let it go.

In the name of self-love, have patience with yourself, child! You’re in a world filled with imperfect people. Strive to inspire and own every single part of you with gentleness & gratitude as your petals unfold. 🌹


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