Star Aragonite | Emotion Regulation.

After having the absolute WORST experience at Chick-fil-a (of all places, right?) My hand instantly went for one of my favorite crystals, Star Aragonite.

This stone holds a vibration that aids significantly in the re-building of confidence, emotional balance & any blockages tied to the sacral chakra. As an empath (desperately trying to genuinely not give a f*ck about anything or anyone to live in peace & harmony), I sometimes get caught off guard, thinking the world will only send me the vibes that I’m sending out when I’m all happy and dandy, only to be brutally alerted back to reality by someone who dare tries me!

Ugh 🙄

I won’t go into GREAT detail on the experience, as it truthfully doesn’t even matter to me anymore (which says a lot for a Libra Moon woman who loves talking about everything). However, I will definitely say that I am thoroughly grateful for having my ✨ Aragonite Star ⭐️ crystal on deck! Within 5-10 mins, I gained so much clarity of the lesson that was meant for me within that encounter & hoped right back into my happiness! It was literally like MAGIC.

I’m no newbie to crystals, but how they always come through for me is never something I’ll get used to.


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