Beautiful Mind.

Looking back on my life, I’ve gone from toxically sweet to sour to just trying to forge a healthy relationship between the two.

With a strong Libra Moon, I tapped a lot into the co-dependency energy within me, which in turn pushed me toward neglecting who I really was for something or someone else or just releasing that energy in a way that didn’t serve me (or truthfully, anyone else).

Then, as life continued to take its swings at me, I become cold…cutting ties with literally anyone who dare cross me without saying a word about it thereafter. Guarded. Afraid…afraid of who could peek inside my shell and expose that vulnerable side that previously left me with nothing but foot prints on my forehead.

Then I realized.

I, nor anyone else in this world is perfect. With a Virgo sun, it’s needless to say that perfectionism was also an energy that needed some redirecting in my life. I noticed the more hard I was on myself, the more I’d attract people who were hard on me as well.

From jobs to relationships…no matter how well I did, no matter how good my intent, how strong my loyalty…I would somehow *almost* meet the mark in comparison to another.

Deep down, yeah…I knew my worth…so this ugly imbalance continued to create misery within and around me. My subconscious reality was the complete opposite of what I consciously knew I wanted & deserved.

So…the over-thinker (me), opened her eyes as wide as she could and soaked in all that was in front of her & gave thanks to the fact that regardless of how many crazy situations she put herself in, she was alive. Better than yesterday, wiser as well.

Beautiful thoughts filled my mind, as hard as it was to pull them forth at times…I knew I still had it in me to focus on the good again.

Faith, is what changes lives. Faith is what waters the flowers. Faith is what creates miracles in the shadows of doubt.

Thankful, am I to have found the good in the bad…even embraced the bad in the good.

For it is all a part of me, or at least a part of life that is meant to teach me something that can become a part of me for my highest good…

In the balance, I saw God…& in that moment, I decided to forever move in & toward more of that warmth in me.

The real


Beautiful minds create beautiful times. This life can make you hard, if you let it…but always remain soft enough to let the love flow freely.



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