An easy way to drive straight into MEDITATION.

So, I literally wrote an entire post prior to this one, discussing the same topic BUT I accidentally deleted the draft so yeah…here we are! The universe was obviously telling me to cut the BS & keep it short & sweet.

So, LONG story short, I used to have THE hardest time with meditation. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around how people were successfully able to, while sober, sit in silence, watch nothing, do nothing, all while thinking of nothing! It sounded a lot like something only the dead could accomplish.

Well, because I refuse to live a life of misery, stress & worry, I payed attention to that little feeling in me that said “keep practicing“. ‘Cause let’s be honest, most of us weren’t raised on meditation or self-awareness techniques. We always needed to PERFORM something. Be it school work, sharing, communication, etc, it all required some kind of action or thought.

So, one morning it dawned on me (because apparently acting on impulse decisions in the morning isn’t a bad idea), I should try to meditate in child’s pose! To my surprise, it worked! There I was, in my zone literally INSTANTLY.

My hypothesis is that due to giving my body its conscious need to perform in a way that exaggerated the otherwise minor action of simply breathing (you feel your stomach going up & down on your thighs), I was given the subconscious gift of presence within myself. Ah, isn’t it beautiful how the mind and core seem to always be a beautiful duo for our highest good?

Life would run so much more smoothing if we trusted our (higher) selves as much as we seek the answers from external validation. Too much emotion is a product of not enough control. Meditation helps to gain that control back & present yet another mental break down.

PS. It’s been FORVER since I’ve been on my yogi flow, so I apologize to anyone offended my by uncomfortable looking child’s pose. I’ll post updates as my body gets it elasticity back!


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