PINEAPPLES: Natural Teeth Whitener.

For years people have been asking me, “How do you get your teeth so white!?“. Truth is, I never thought of my teeth as being white ENOUGH! Crazy, huh. The things we micro-criticize, others view as an asset they’d like to possess. But hey, gotta keep yourself humble some kind of way right?

I used techniques from teeth whitening strips, to swooshing coconut oil around in my mouth for 20 mins *feels like 2 hours*. These things never showed the DRAMATIC, dang near translucent, results that I was looking for. Then again, I never continued any of them longer than 2 weeks (I know, patience is a virtue). However, using whitening toothpaste (Crest, in particular) does wonders if you’re not looking to extend your oral routine. Currently, I’m looking for a good fluoride-free whitening toothpaste to try (longer than 2 weeks, I swear) & share my .2 cents on so keep a look out for that!

Until then, another way I’ve been keeping up my set of chews is eating PINEAPPLE SLICES. Not chunks, cause who only wants the sides of their teeth whiter? Slices that you have to bite into with nearly all your teeth can and will actually make your teeth whiter! I’m no nutritionist, but there’s something in them that act super fast at removing stains. I literally see results after just minutes of eating them, especially if it’s been awhile.

If your gums are really sensitive, you may want to limit this method and stick to the chucks to get the other health benefits of this bomb, juicy fruit 🍍 because the juices can irritate them with all the friction, bite after bite. Either way, over time you’ll notice how clean & white your teeth look and even how fresh your breathe smells (naturally).

Now, I wouldn’t recommend full on replacing your tooth brush & toothpaste for eating pineapples, as that’s just disgusting, but it’s a good, additional, way to better yourself both physically & aesthetically.

Plus, they’re yummy AF. 🍍


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