Connect the dots πŸ‘ to discover the answers you seek. PART 1.

Nowadays…it seems like nearly every one is seeking help & nearly everyone x10 is seeking to give that help.

Nothings wrong with that…we’re here to co-exist & learn from one another.

However, at one point in my life, I was that person who had all the answers!…BUT, my own life couldn’t be further from zen.

Then it dawned on me…the advice I would be yearning to give others, was the very advice I needed to take myself! It’s kind of like the whole, “don’t take relationship advice from a single person” ’cause why would you trust someone who isn’t in a situation that you want? Well, depending on the person, that advice they are giving may be accurate, they just aren’t living by it.

Looking back, yearsss deep ago, at old blog posts of mine, I realized that if I had actually taken my advice, instead of trying to play mommy to all of humanity, I would have literally avoided every single toxic situation I got involved in thereafter, ON-SITE!


How could I have been so “wise”, but act so…DUMB? 🧐

For some subconscious reason, I didn’t think I needed to apply what I knew, because, well…I knew it already, right? I had it all under control, right? Here the, here the, come to me weaker ones, for I’ll be your strength!, RIGHT??


I was merely a “know it all”. And no one EVER knows EVERYTHING. We all have the answers within us that relate to our truths/greater good at a given moment. Instead of following my own truth, I still chose to live as if I never said such life altering things & sought help elsewhere, believing what WANTED over what I needed, dazed and confused when -ish hit the fan! 🀯

So, how in the world was I able to know all this stuff, but STILL not know it?


I wasn’t making the connections needed to bring the bigger picture that I was painting for other into my own conscious awareness. The only time a connection can be made, and information roaming around in the mind can form into true knowledge, is when you also tap into your HEART. Ignoring, completely, what I was feeling…I became ignorant in my own reality. For the heart is what truly brings every in the life into full circle to manifest what we most desire & deserve for optimal peace & happiness here on earth…

My higher self was more than willing to dish it out, but until my heart received some of that attentions, at the same time, nothing made sense.

Tapping into the space between your mind & heart and having FAITH in what’s being presented to you, is how you’ll not only have your answers, but also, confidently live by them. Like most parents say, “Act like you got some sense!“…it’s literally imperative on our well being. Life is more than just a thought, but a feeling.

Connect to the #dot. πŸ‘


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