Why life isn’t always SUNNY. 🌚🌞

Astrology is surely a fun way to learn a little (or a lot) more about yourself & others, in terms of who you are on a soul & heart level, why you react to certain life experiences in the ways that you do & SO much more.

…but, after flipping to your signs section in the great big Book of Bland Horoscopes, the infamous question(s) always seems to arise, “Why doesn’t this relate to me?” or while being even more bemused, “Why does this actually relate more to my cousin, twice removed, of an entirely different sign??” Well, the answer to both of those concerns is; YOU ARE MORE. THAN JUST. YOUR SUN SIGN!

General horoscopes are simply summaries of the energies present, at the current time frame, for each sign individually. The day you were born instantly tells you what your sun sign is in. The sun sign is what is typically explored when reading horoscopes, HOWEVER! Just as life isn’t always filled with sunshine-y days, neither is your personality. Not saying that just because you’re tapped more into your Moon energy, that MUST mean you’re sad…it just means you feel more inclined to showing your emotional side & subconsciously have decided that your Moon energy is what you should be vibing with at this point in your life more so than your Sun, Mars or Venus for that matter.

At NO given period in life are we ever operating from one source of energy. At least, we’re not mean to. That’d be pretty boring, right? Not to mention exhausting! Truth is, whenever you’re living your life in an energy other than the one that needs to be tuned into for your highest good, you’ll notice that you’re actually quite miserable. Something just won’t feel right…missing even.

For example, if you have a Leo Sun sign & all you do is operate from that Leo energy, you risk being engulfed entirely too much in your Leo-ness, and eventually running the risk of losing sight at all with the other parts of you that need to present themselves in your life to bring you soul level joy. You’ll start burning out the light & living in the darkness of that sign. That’s the EGO; and too much of ANYTHING can & will destroy you.

You’ll ruin close relationships because regardless of your hearts (Moon sign) needs, you’re still only consciously choosing to please this ONE part of you.

Your Sun sign will always peep its head out regardless, it’s a part of the dominant trinity of who you are in this 3D realm (Sun, Moon, Rising/Ascendant). Though, when you don’t listen to your heart, or any other part of you, when it’s time for you to…you don’t give all the things that its vibration can attract to you a chance to give you true fulfillment.

When is the right “time”, you ask? That’s only something YOU will KNOW based on your own inner voice, “God’s timing” so to speak.

Nothing should ever be forced…the more you get to know yourself & embrace all parts of YOU, the more you’ll begin to freely let the energies within you flow whenever & at whatever degree they’re supposed to at any given moment in time. This is when your life will present things that match the reality meant to bring you happiness, effortlessly.

It can be difficult to allow yourself to be free enough to let yourself “flow” when you don’t even know where to begin in terms of acknowledgement, let alone acceptance.

Don’t astrologically burn yourself out because you’re unsure about connecting to & sharing the other sources of light within you. When it’s time, it’s TIME. Don’t fight it, because you’ll lose…every time.


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