Do we ever COMPLETELY “wake-up”?

Be it in our unconscious dream state filled with things we never knew we could think about, let alone see, or in this conscious realm…filled with things we once thought about & often time don’t want to see…Are we ever completely living in awareness?

The odds of that are NOT in our favor.

There isn’t ever going to be a time on this planet in which we are able to constantly live in light or constantly live in ego & also be a WHOLE person. Be it the subconscious gunk that still needs re-wiring or that little voice in our heads that mumbles ever so seductively, “Be petty 😈” we will always endure times of both high & low vibrations. Our shadow selves exist to survive & maintain our sanity as humans, while the light is to remind us that these bodies don’t even show the half of who we are.

As we exist here, manifested as “people”, we can never completely be “awake”. Sure, the journey of enlightenment is magical and even necessary to experience the ultimate joy within self and love…but there is no final destination at the “end”…other than death.

To truly live, embracing both the ego (in the most evolved way possible, of course) & the spirit, are of essence to thriving, honestly, in this space in time 🌍

Too much ego & you’re FAKE for thinking & living as if you’re only human. Too much spirit & you’re also FAKE for thinking you can call yourself a saint/angel regardless of the fact that you’re here, with that fleshy ego-ish body.


Sleep…but with one eye #open.


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