New Moon in Pisces ‘19.

Wow, wow, WOW! The new Moon has swam its way into the whirlwind of Piscean energy & I don’t know about you, but I’m dizzy AF. 😰

The energy of Pisces is ruled by both Jupiter & Neptune. Two “spinning spheres of liquid“…LARGELY display themselves in the sky 🌌 & ultimately are controlling what we’re feeling right now.

Both Jupiter & Neptune have zones & belts. Zones being at an higher altitude & belts having lower altitudes, both spin around the planets & can be what explains the constant “in & out” of consciousness & subconsciousness for the general energy that Pisces possess.

Reference: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Space & Space Exploration; pg. 101-105 & 126-129

Pisces is known for those two little fish that circle each other. Round & round into a blur of otherworldliness. One possessing the higher vibrations of the subconscious & creativity, the other holding the ego of the conscious reality.

This Pisces energy that’s in the air right now is pushing us to look within. To ESCAPE the confusion of fantasy vs. reality to really figure out what makes us, US.

This is a great time to really just take time out to take things S L O W E R, acquire patience & express your emotions honestly.

If you chose to fight against your inner self, you will only spin into a deeper cycle of confusion & even anger.

Enjoy this watery energy & balance your emotions. Be open to new beginnings, including a new YOU. ✨


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