Stop Trying to Find Life’s Answers | Find YOURSELF.

In a world full on contradictions, it can be a little hard to understand or even accept the importance of doing the right thing. <The “right” thing being, YOUR thing.>

Yeah, all sorts of people have all sorts of lives but it’s all for different sorts of reasons!

Unless you actually sit down with a person, have them open up to you in ways they likely haven’t even chosen to acknowledge within themselves yet (or do an extremely extensive analysis of their natal chart) you probably STILL won’t fully “figure out” why being a sucky person is doing it up for them.

That doesn’t mean YOU should go and be a sucky person. It just means you need to do whatever it is that makes you HAPPY.

We all feel the need for a change when we don’t feel fulfilled. You, my friend, are the only one who can fill yourself up. Sure, partnerships and stuff like that play a role in ADDING to our joy (or taking away for that matter) but until you step back and start doing what needs to be done to live in your own happy place, you won’t even be able to recognize when sh!t is hitting the fan, for what reason or how to reverse it. You’ll kind of just be there watching it splatter every which way while eating a bowl of chocolate ice cream; Not even realizing then that some actually popped in your bowl and now it’s inside you…making you sick. 🤢

There is NO standard in this world. Sure, there are basic things that should just naturally come along with any decent human being regardless of the way they predominantly shine their light, but in terms of HOW to shine that light… nah.

What would you do if you knew people were watching you and only you; That being YOU was that “standard”? If you knew that whatever you did, you’d be loved and admired regardless?

Be THAT way ALL. The. time.

Sometimes we find ourselves doing things just cause we’re seeking that approval, when really, if your heart doesn’t approve…hardly anyone else will either; at least not genuinely.

In each moment, we should know that being love is our birth right. Sure, there are people who will hate or simply just not vibe with you well. But the more you remain you, the more people who do appreciate you will outrule the “outsiders” existence (or at least their relevance in your experience.)

When you love yourself, your focus changes.

When your focus changes, you attract things to match that focus.

Focus on YOU. Who cares what confusing a$$ stuff someone else is doing, we all have our moments in time that are meant to take us to different destinations in the future for…you guessed it…DIFFERENT reasons.

Yes, admire those who are, essentially, where you aspire to be in life, but you know in your heart what is meant to help YOU. Don’t change to fit a mold…no two lives are exactly alike, nor are they meant to be.

Even identical twins have different paths to take (regardless of how cringingly close they can be their whole entire lives). 👯‍♀️

Live YOUR best life…there is NO ONE who has a better life than you. You ARE life.


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