Okay, okay, okay…by the title of this post, it may seem like I’m yelling at you. If you feel at all like you are being targeted…then, you’re actually a very bright individual, because ya ARE.

…from all the loving-ness within my heart, that is. 🤗🌈

Too often, we habitually think about all the messed up things that have happened to us and all the messed up people we’ve met and what they’ve done to us and heck even how messed up we were and how we’ve wronged others, etc. BUT! I’m here to tell you that, yes…messed up things and people are annoying (including yourself). However, just like that little fly in your ear…you need to A.) Move yourself to another room where flys aren’t everywhere, B.) Clean(se) your own self if you’re the one that’s funky (energetically speaking 👀), or C.) Simply SQUASH the little nuisance! …and go about your day. 😊

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape or form promoting acts of violence or murders of insects, animals nor other human beings.

If you choose to just thoroughly observe the fly buzz around you, never doing anything to move on and enjoy all the other (good) things of the moment…all you’re ever going to notice are the flies. 😳

I don’t know about you, but flies are the last thing I want to see for even a split second throughout my day, let alone nothing BUT them for weeks, months or God forbid YEARS on end! 🤢🤮


No offense to all the flies on the wall reading along to thing right now. You are important (…just not while being all up in my ears & face, but I digress…)

The more ATTENTION you give to anything in this world, the more you are likely to experience things that match that vibrational “interest”.

Decide what it is you actually LOVE and feed THAT! That’s what deserves it! That’s what YOU deserve… All the other, less favorable, things will quickly become only blurs in your peripheral.

It’s hard sometimes, especially when you’re the type of person who just reallyy likes knowing the “why” of everything. (🙋🏾‍♀️) But don’t torture yourself by re-creating the same life events that match that feeling that you’re staying stuck in while trying to mentally form up a conclusion to some BS that should of been a mere stepping stone into your light!

The answers you’re looking for are HERE! Let go of the hurt from the past and allow yourself to become open to the answers to the lessons, NOW. Life will teach you what you need to know whether it’s on the first try or the 70th, whether you’re happy or sad, poor or rich, single or taken 🗣 …so it’s better to just go ahead & vibrate HIGHER to ensure your growth and prosperity have a renewed, open space to expand in, ASAP!

That sh!t you’re focusing on STANKS 😷…let go of the extra and watch the flies fly away as you spread your own wings as fly within your best life. ✨


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