It’s a #vibe: Heart over Mind.

Strolling through Instagram, I saw a statement that single-handedly revived any hope that had been lost in terms of the friends and relationships I’ve been attracting into my life thus far.

“Like-hearted“…wow. All this time, I had been wondering…“why in the HECK, are the people who even seemingly understand where I’m coming from in conversation, still need to be saged off my ENTIRE being after even thinking about them?” (Okay, I may be exaggerating a little, but ONLY a little.) It’s simply because, it doesn’t matter how much you have in common in terms of perception of the world…if the heart is vibrating on another frequency…you’re not REALLY vibing.

Talk is cheap…OH, so cheap…but a feeling…now that’s the real thing. How people make you feel (especially consistently) is what will linger on into each moment of your days even after you’ve left each other’s presence. Why risk being drug in to another place energetically all in save of similarity in view points?

That’s not your tribe…those, are associates.

Like a job (in a perfect world), everyone there actually likes what they do there, right? They chose that specific job because it ties into their passions in some way or another. That doesn’t mean that EVERYONE in the place is gonna be besties for the resti3. It simply means, that at work…you can bounce ideas off each other…about. WORK.

Your tribe are the ones who FEEL you…love like you…live with the same intent as you… who understand you in a deeper way…beyond the ego of the mind.


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