Talk that talk to walk that walk! BLUE MOON in LIBRA| March 31, 2018

newmoon-goddess_largeOh my Goodness, let me tell you…as a lunar Libran myself, this blue moon energy has already started to have it’s effect on my emotions! (& not in a good way)

Waking up to the moon in Virgo this morning was a WHOLE ‘nother level of breakdown that I just simply wasn’t prepared for!

Completely spoiled by the fire energy that the sun and Aries and the moon in Leo gave just days prior, my mind went from positive, present and focused to thinking about every bit of my past, present and future and just how much I strayed away from my ridiculously high & unrealistic standards!

…Then finally I stopped overwhelming myself with the tasks I still needed to woman up and tackle for the day and forced an emergency meditation. Just to remember how far I’ve come and to stop focusing on the imperfections of it all and move ON. As a Virgo sun, there was hella judgment of self, but by realizing that it was all in my head and appreciating the beauty of the moment, my day was almost (SO much damage had already been done, ugh) completely flipped. My focus increased and the world responded better to my presence. It was a CRAZY morning **read more about my hectic morning on my foodie blog, here. You could only imagine the heat blowing from my ears when it comes to food disappoints while tapped into the dark energy of moon in Virgo!**

new-moon-in-libra-1.pngAnywho, here I am, errands ran and mind (semi) at ease and subconsciously preparing myself for the SECOND BLUE MOON of the year in LIBRA!

Libra, being the opposite sign of Aries can actually be a beautiful thing. Sure, Libra, also being an air sign, isn’t too fond of watery moon feelings, but with some time alone (which may be difficult to succumb to during this time as you may feel a strong desire, consciously or not, to be in the thick of things) you will only allow the communication to be with self, allowing LOTS of self-talk and insight to flow as you set the intention for the month ahead.

Libra is all about pleasing others, and when combined with moon energy, this need is even stronger, but be careful, because with Mercury steady in retrograde, you may not get the external feedback you want or even deserve. This is why it’s crucial to leave the pleasing motives for yourself and really focus on reflecting on the things that need to be done to manifest your up and coming reality. The future is a bunch of waves just waiting for the energy of your consistent focus to build from all the chaos. This Aries/Libra duo is perfect for that as airy, open & raw communication combined with fiery passion and action can work together to build a future formed directly from your vision.

images (16)PLEASE make sure that the words you speak are AUTHENTIC as possible not superficial. To be sure, highlight any bodily sensations as you have these self convos to really see if your’re speaking from your soul or just blowing smoke up your own butt.

Truth hurts, but in order to make the right moves, you have to let it ALL flow and come up with a balanced solution for any confusions at hand.

Happy Blue Moon!



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