Mercury Retrograde | ARIES ’18

eyesOh boy,

It’s needless to say that I’m already experiencing the energy rolling in from the upcoming Mercury retrograde happening at a peak degree of 16 in Aries on March 22!

With my Mercurial sun & Libran moon (Aries’ astrological opposite) I think I’m just going to take all of the happenings to come with a grain of salt to avoid completely being completely annoyed of out my freaking mine with these seemingly, trickster, series of “unfortunate” events.

I put “unfortunate” in quotations because with Jupiter, simultaneously, remaining retrograde in Scorpio, that hint of luck still lingers in between the lines.

*thanks God*

People are SO fast to assume that anything in retrograde will suck, when actually, all madness isn’t bad, ya know. Of course, preparation is KEY (with anything in life), but with this retrograde duo in particular,  those “harsh” lessons are highlighted in a playful way & actually manifest the things that you need.

For one, earlier today I couldn’t find my cell phone and literally spent 15-20 mins looking for it. I knew it couldn’t have been TOO far from my car, as the Bluetooth was still somehow able to connect. Then suddenly I felt a random urge to look in the room closest to the door (seems obvious, but no) and UGH! There goes my phone just chilling on the chair. Not under my car seat, not accidentally spinning in the washing machine, but in broad daylight…on a chair.

tumblr_ocosdoQGev1vpzilro1_250.gifGranted, I wasn’t late to my meeting, but the annoyance was on TWENTY.

Jupiter retrograde makes way for you to appreciate the blessings you have attained, and being a lucky planet in the deepest (IMO) water sign of them all, your intuition will guide you toward the answers you need in any given moment. Mind you, during this time, “any given moment” is likely to throw little reminders in your face of why what you have is valuable in the first place.

(NOT in a devil’s advocate kind of way like Capricorn. Think MAGIC…like the person not bleeding to death after being cut in half, kinda sorta)

In my missing phone situation, I was shown the blessing of FINALLY applying the necessity of time management into my time. After yearssss of JUST barely making it on time or being 30 mins to an hour+ late, I’ve finally gotten to a point where I can afford to lose things, freak out, gather myself, all while having a few extra mins to spare.

Pre-lesson, I would of SURELY been 20 mins late, no doubt.

Another example is within the featured image of this post…

tumblr_inline_oxxxjke7Ov1v9bgrj_500.jpgIt’s a broken bottle of giddy, liquid abundance and from the day I bought it, I wanted the green Aventurine inside of it. But I told myself I would let it stay in until I had used all the spray. But suddenly, I go to spray it like 40 mins ago & after shaking it to mix the ingredients up the bottle legit gracefully slides out of my hand and bursts…and behold…the green Aventurine (among other small stones & crystals, like Carnelian & clear Quartz) is in my presence!

The Universe just knew I needed that crystal in my hands & that I was too cheap to just buy the stone itself, and made a way for me to receive it…except now I have little shards of glass to clean up and half the of the mix gone (it smelled AMAZING btw, got it from Phoenix & Dragons near ATL)

So, when the Mercury retrograde hits, please, Please, PLEASE don’t manifest a horrible experience with your own conditioned idea of the phrase, and laugh with life’s little reminders that your progress and abundance are worth appreciating. Being in the moment and focusing more on your feelings and acting on (which shouldn’t be hard with Arien fire) those hunches inside will ultimately guide you to your innermost needs.




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