Jobs are like relationships…

After having a whopping total of 9 W-2’s for the year 2017 alone, it’s safe to say that ANY job is NOT better than no job at all.

tumblr_ni6kivovHW1slxcr4o1_500.gifNow, if I were to say I had a whopping total of 9 relationships in the year 2017 alone, you’d deem me as a desperate hoe (and that’s keeping it PG-13).

Heck, even if I had stayed at 1 job that left me feeling drained, unappreciated, underpaid, etc…I’d STILL be desperate, as I deliberately chose to stay where my value wasn’t respected. Where I chose to dishonor my inner feeling of happiness by trading it in for good benefits, full-time hours, or whatever it may be.

That is what’s REALLY desperate. Searching for something that doesn’t completely suck the life from you on a daily isn’t a sign of employment promiscuity. It’s actually a sign of faith & COURAGE.

Knowing that life is worth more than having to clock in to a place that makes you want to clock out of life the second your alarm goes off in the AM, is amongst the bravest thing you’ll ever go in this society.

Be it corporate or self- employment, trail and error is a part of the “dating” process.

Life is too short to prove anything when the people you’re trying to prove it too don’t have to live in your body.

Chose your self-worth over paying the bills and you’ll be lead to a life of experience, excitement & adventure overall.

Know you’re worth & never settle…what you desire, exists.



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