…well, at least not always.

tumblr_nvajorJnSi1ufsj1oo1_500Nowadays, I’ve been noticing SO many people thinking that the only way to be successful is to be spiritually aligned and looking at those in the limelight and coins as inspiration of how to live, think and act. However, so many celebrities or just financially rich people in general have and still are resorting to drugs and suicide despite it all… Why? Because many people who have all the “finer” things in life like, excessive amounts of money, fame, living their dream lives and even working their dream careers, often haven’t taken the time out to truly find LOVE.

They haven’t taken the time that they’ve put into manifesting their desires as they have into finding themselves and loving that person in spite of it all.

The balance between the diving masculine (do, do do!) and the divine feminine (feel, emotions, humility)

Oh, you can manifest weather you’re properly aligned or not.


tumblr_oygf4zyJwP1umgyvho1_500.gifYou see, technically, you don’t HAVE to have your chakras cleansed and spinning like pinwheels to attract the things that you want. All you have to do is believe and FEEL like you deserve it (which can be done entirely by the force of the ego) and go after the opportunities presented to you like a hawk.

Now, their is a catch…when you go about it in a low vibrationally way, you risk 2 things happening:

  1. You are pulled toward other low vibrational things that seem nice from the outside looking in, but in actuality aren’t fulfilling your highest purpose here to help you truly grow into your best self for the greater good (ie. you get all the things you want, but not what you need)
  2. You loose your self as a result of the previous reason and are forced to either live a lie to uphold your image and false sense of sanity (which is much easier than admitting that sh*t has officially hit the fan, btw) OR you spiral into a depression, due to the feeling that somethings always missing and you sink deeper into your unhappiness because you refuse to face yourself as the self can and will throw them hands to knock some sense into you.

…and it’s sucks.

When you choose to truly do the soul searching first, manifesting things with GOOD intent and loving yourself without the motivation of having to prove a dang thing to anybody (all the while knowing you will be shining on the doubters in due time)…this is when the success only ADDS to the happiness and love that’s within. THIS is when life starts feeding you organic vibes because that’s all you’re GIVING to it.


tumblr_nzymwdzuYb1ttzaedo1_1280RAISE yourself to the light…don’t cheat by bringing it down to YOU for instant gratification that literally serves NO ONE.

It’s not about the wish, but the level of the wisher…



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