Selenite | Empathic Cocaine.

With the energy of the full moon and the energies of well…everyday life, it can be a little overwhelming as an empath forced to be around people at a time that we need to, or would rather just, be alone to re-charge.

So, what do you do when the societal pressures of your current circumstances increase your chances of having an anxiety attack by 10 and those little bathroom breaks for mini-meditation moments are borderline causing you to appear like you’re you full of sh*t…?


As an empath, the REQUIREMENT to ensure energetic protection goes far beyond your typical “Oh, I’ll wear Amethyst today to remain calm during my job interview!”

No, this is literally your LIFE.

Like, brushing your teeth, you better make sure to have a crystal on you to keep you sane and in your own light regardless of the junk you come across that so openly feels the need to throw itself at you.

Many people I’ve come across are quick to deem it as “a mind thing”, but being an empath goes wayyy beyond mind control. You can walk around all day, visualizing yourself surrounded by your own authentic light, but as soon (and I mean as SOON) as you get caught slipping, a spiritual attack comes in like a hockey puck to the face even though you thought you were safe because you were sitting in the nose bleeders section.

Empathy is “a feeling thing”, and being sensitive to the energies of others isn’t necessarily a weakness at all and can come in handy when controlled,  but when uncontrolled, open and vulnerable, can be unconsciously draining and cause a lot of confusion that can grow into depression and anxiety.

So, how do we practice safe interaction?


Selenate is a powerful everyday crystal that is usually used during the full moon phases as it has a strong lunar connection. However, it’s SO powerful that it doesn’t ever have to be cleaned/charged and can even cleanse/re-charge other crystals to enhance and renew their properties!

When worn alone, it acts as a chakra aligner and spiritual protection aide. Allowing you to go all day easily able to block any attacks or bounce back into your own essence more easily and faster!

What makes it best for empaths is the fact that we need that everyday aide that we dont have to worry about thoroughly cleaning every. single. day to prepare for the next (trust me, wearing a crystal in need of cleansing is worse than nothing at all. It’s like holding a rock filled with everything that p*sses you off and makes you sad).

You can still utilize you other crystals when need be (and paired with Selenite, they’ll only be enhanced and work more efficiently in your favor.)

Of course, it’s best to have it directly touching your skin (in your bra, near the heart chakra or with necklace), but the back pocket is great as well, as this is close to the root chakra area of your body that keeps you grounded.


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