North Node vs. South Node

In the video below, I explain the general importance of putting an emphasis on your north and south node placements as you travel upward through your spiritual journey.

A couple of example placements are given, including Gemini & Aries south nodes in connection with Sagittarius and Libran north nodes.

Soon, I will be making more videos about each placement duo (24 in total) along with blog posts to glue in any information that may have been left out in prevention of having 3 hour long ramble videos! 🙂 



Things to add:

  • Mindfulness is beneficial to ALL signs in regards to a fulfilling life, however, it is especially challenging, yet crucial for those who have a mentally stuck energies in their charts.
  • Those with their south node in Aries need to focus more on PATIENCE and embracing solitude to tap more into the light of Libra.


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