Hey star seeds!

98919bdeac56f96c9f23bff76c6cc4bb---elements-hilariousThough most of us know our SUN signs like the back of our hands and maybe even go as far as reading daily horoscopes, we’re all much more than one single constellation! You have a FULL ASTROLOGICAL CHART that aides in the biography of your being.

Here, you can request an in-depth & connective explanation of your ENTIRE natal chart all for just $20!

Once you’ve sent an email to with the subject line: “MY NATAL READING”, you will receive a confirmation email along with where to send your payment securely.

In your message, you should include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Your birthday (month, day & year)
  • Your time of birth (including AM & PM indicators)
  • Your birth location (city & state)

After careful review and organization, you will receive your full, easy to comprehend, natal story! Your consultation will include the following:

  •  The meaning of the signs in your chart in relation to each other, how they play a role in your life and the energy they hold within you based on where they’re located.

For advice regarding the effects that certain planetary positionings play in your life or someone you know, and how to harness that energy, please request the $30 Natal Advice consultation.

Subject line: My Natal Advice

You will include the same information as the My Natal Story requirements, along with any personal questions.

  • No refunds unless consultation is not received after 48 hours.

If you have a promo code, please include it in your emails subject line prior to payment submission!




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