2018: “Energy to Matter”


I do believe this is my 101th post and as tempted as I was upon that thought to watch 101 Dalmatian’s because of it…I didn’t.

Why? Because I’ve got’s things to DOtumblr_ocljvlacr31tn1yz1o1_500.gif

We ALL have things to do and with Saturn officially sitting bossed up in Capricorn, if you don’t tend to your errands, you WILL lose your mind.

No seriously, Capricorn energy is SO condescending and will make you feel like complete sh*t in comparison to your counterparts for the thrill of it.

U5dsoMRAeJCYFkwfPxtAGSTcQ7Fqwty_1680x8400PLUS, with the full moon sliding right into watery Cancer on freakin’ new years day (which is also Capricorns opposite sign on the astrological spectrum), you can and will enter your feelings at ANY moment if you choose to sit in bed and sulk on whatever it is this energy pulls from your subconscious memory bank instead of getting off you butt and just getting ‘er done! You can always cry later.

Okay…the tone of this post may seem a bit intense. Well, it’s only because this energy of Saturn in Cap alone has the potential to transform your life like you NEVER dreamed to be meant for you in this lifetime! …and that’s something serious!

All you gotta do is listen to that nagging voice inside saying “DO IT!” (which it will constantly be doing louder than ever over the next 2 years).

Now, the title of this post was inspired by (okay, taken from*) The Quietest Revolution. She’s basically an awesome Tarot reader that named the Virgo 2018 YouTube video on her channel “Energy to Matter”. She basically taught me everything I know about the Double Slit Experiment on her second channel and my mind has been blown ever since, you should check her out!

Anywho, after watching the Virgo video I was like, “this kinda connects to the power that Saturn in Capricorn holds for the entire year!) Why? Not just because I’m a Virgo sun, but because for the past 2 years or so, Saturn was in Sagittarius. Which basically sent us all (well, most of us) on a quest to SEEK our potential and LOTS of trial and error, depending on your personal evolutionary standing.

Now that Saturn is in Capricorn, we can kind of take all that information that we put so much energy into discovering and finally building it into knowledge. Creation. MATTER!

kodak-black-cashThis year can either be a major bust full of disappointment and self-destructive foolery on your part, OR it can be the structural beginning of your LEGACY come true.

My advice? Take the intuitive energy from this Cancerian full moon and TRUST your inner voice. Stay focused on your vision and don’t let the voice the comes in from the dark side of Capricorn, you know…the one making you hate yourself for not being where you “could/should/would have been but aren’t because of whatever reasons, and use it as motivation to take the lessons learned from the set backs of the past and walk up those steps to your THRONE.

Let GO of the things from the past that don’t serve you and charge toward the life filled with the things that come along with what you’ve always known you deserved.

This will be a year of BOLD action, if you allow your self to chase your joy in all the areas of your life.

Happy 2018

tenor.gif…if it’s yours, EARN it.



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