tumblr_nlyxvgzpfR1rc0br0o1_500.gifThe time has come! Though still days away from the end of this oh, so annoying Mercurial retrograde, the final new moon of 2017 is here! Of the 3 fiery signs that this new moon could have fallen in, during the Sagittarian mercury retrograde, in Sagittarius season, toward the end of Saturn IN Sagittarius, it just happened to land in…you guessed it, SAGITTARIUS.

Sagittarius is THE luckiest sign of the Zodiac (if you ask me) as they are the masters of living in the moment. Sag knows how to live in the moment while not straying too far from the little spiritual goodies that life has to offer along the way.

tumblr_ore32gGdME1so64cwo1_500Basically…this new moon is like hitting the jackpot of miracles! Full of presence, joy and fearlessness, now is the time to truly FEEL your desires. For example, It’s not enough to state your affirmations, but actually feel the waters of the beach on your feet and recognize your emotional responses to it! Literally BE at the beach.

Be present in the current moment of course, but allow yourself to appear in your dreams as you release the burdens of the past.

You are here.

tumblr_opt2lyU0r01t1k6p7o1_500The things you truly desire, are already yours. Allow yourself to drift toward that reality in due time, with patience.

This is really big for manifesting, as often times when we can’t really do the step of fully experiencing our goals on a positive emotional level before hand, something in us, doesn’t really want it that bad, if at all.

tumblr_ooucbsOCio1qhzd83o1_500Sagittarius is a sign of independence. If you find that it’s hard to envision yourself experiencing your desires…take a moment to decide if what you want is merely to meet the expectations of others, or if it’s indeed your hearts life-line (trust me, if it’s in your heart, it WON’T be hard to go there, mentally or emotionally).

New moons are all about beginnings, so to make the most of this last new moon and glide into the new year, ready to receive…be true to yourself.

Not the image you want to boast about on social media or to the nearest person who will listen…but the you that even in opposition to the “norm”, brings peace, happiness and and internal success.

Pray for the things that TRULY give you life, without a doubt.

tumblr_ok0u11P7mU1w310zmo3_500.gifUse this energy to strengthen the solar plexus, and even do some root chakra healing, just to make sure things are unfolding freely but in a reasonably, structured way.

Get out of your head at this time & boldly ACT out & SPEAK your truth…from the heart.

It’s going to be a beautiful 2018 filled with action, authentic success and miracles!

P.S. When Saturn goes into Capricorn in a few days, you’ll be glad that you decided to accept your truth. Cap energy is like that coach that doesn’t get off your back until you make it to the NFL because they KNOW you want it even when you’re bring lazy and/or giving in to negative thoughts and gossip against you.

tumblr_olwd1qw8qr1vfjyjjo1_500Don’t spend this new year living in the same ol light that held you down (in a bad way), get down and dirty then embrace tho battle wounds as trophies! Because succeeding in the life you really deserve will feel a lot better than conjuring up an image that a bunch of people who could really careless see as “correct”.

Take on this wild Sagittarius energy and fly like a bird into freedom and soul quenching prosperity!





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