NEW MOON IN: Scorpio|Nov’ 2017

The time has come where the new moon and the murky waters of Scorpio are creating HIGHLY charged, emotionally introspective energies!

img_3945Those with their moon signs in Scorpio, know exactly just how picky they can be in terms of trusting others. Much like its fellow water sign, Cancer, a LOT needs to be proven to really open that gate of selfless love that can in turn be provided effortlessly. HOWEVER, much like the grounded earth sign Virgo, there won’t really be a lot of, immediate. open communication about their “check-off lists” of life within. Fortunately,  airy Libra separates both Virgo and Scorpio, giving the blessed energy of balance, to aide in the stopping point of their uncertainties before they spiral beyond return.

New moons are a time for new beginnings.

Anywho, with the new moon entering Scorpio on the 18th of November 2017, you may have already noticed the emotional winds flowing within your thoughts this past week. Oh, I’m not talking an abundance of tears either, as Scorpio is no cry baby (…in comparison to the other water signs at least), but intense feelings of any kind could randomly be taking you inward to a place of skeptical evaluation of yourself in relation to dominant areas of your life.

It is important to take a moment to breathe and listen to your intuition without bias based on how you WANT to feel considering the circumstances. Taking action primarily on your chosen emotions at this time could result in regret and in return put you in a bad light in the eyes of others you care about, as they to are feeling this new moon energy in their own ways as well. We all know how determined Scorpios can be when it comes to getting what they want…but this new moon energy can redirect that passion into creating outcomes that cater to your inner most NEEDS.

The good and bad in every aspect of life are being placed in the limelight at this time and which one will ultimately take home to prize…is equally up for grabs.

tumblr_opa4owM4PW1tuaz2oo1_400.gifDuring your alone time the night of this Scorpio new moon (which I highly recommend making time for), make a list of things you are, rationally, certain of having in your life. Only focus on things involving YOU, not others. This will calm the negative feelings and dissipate them making room for the positive seeds to be planted.

Only act on things when they, without a doubt, feel CORRECT.

If something seems off, don’t automatically damn it to hell, but don’t naively take it on either…wait it out and pay attention to patterns to dictate your final judgement. This will create clarity overtime.

All in all, embrace the PASSION! This energy is meant to be fun and even sexy, so don’t get so lost within that you let the certainties right in front of you pass you by.




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