Leaving scratches on the back of toxicity: Skin under my nails as I let go.

tumblr_naokz8lpiQ1sdfqa7o1_500Pay attention to how the people you associate with make you feel. I’m not talking about gut feelings alone, but also you entire attitude and state of being. For example, if we find ourselves reverting back to an old way of behaving, thinking and feeling around certain individuals, we need to analyze the reasoning why we continue to involve ourselves in their space. Yes, THEIR space. Once you’ve moved on from toxic behaviors for your well-being and those behaviors seem to pop back up whenever they’re around in some way…this is now you taking in their energy.

tumblr_nz25e1cjN71spnyg9o1_400It’s so important to guard your energy, especially during recent periods of transformation. Regardless of how “good” this person(s) seem to be otherwise, if their energy remains just as bad for you as it was in the past, no matter how strong you believe yourself to have grown, you will always be subject to relapse. Why? Because things become more powerful with the more energy that’s been invested. This is why its vital that we distance ourselves from people or things that reflect an old way of being into our current energy fields. Seriously, I don’t care how strong you think you are, if you put yourself in unfavorable, yet familiar, situations, you ARE more likely to go back to this energy. It’s easier to give in to lessor vibrations, the ones that’s we’re comfortable with through habit or convenience than it is to vibe higher to the everlasting unknown.

Be honest with yourself as you travel on your journey, as you will be faced with desperate times, but your strength grows only when you don’t give in to desperate measures. Listen without fear, let go without hesitation.



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