Full moon in TAURUS.

This Saturday, there will not only be a full moon, but my GOD it’s in TAURUS decan 2! You thought a full moon in Cancer was exciting…well, you were right…if you like a rush of emotions coming over your spiritual being like a tidal wave flushing away any stability that once was and replacing it with insanity. The good kind of insane, nonetheless. On the contrary, this Taurian full moon will surely bring many of us a sense of heated romance with it being Scorpio season as well.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto.

Venus is the planet of love, and with Libra season just ending, that energy shouldn’t be too close to foreign as Libra is also ruled by Venus. Plus, during Libra season, the new moon rose in Libra! This energy thrives on love and the approval of all as appreciation is translated into this vibration automatically. So this full moon energy is sure to be a magical one in the name of love and strong intuitive abilities.

tumblr_oqcv69SJLg1tuaz2oo1_500.gifSeriously, any time love and fire (Mars) colab, it can either be a recipe for disaster or beautiful manifestation. Coincidentally in this case, the naturally watery state of the full moon with knock a few of those flames down and allow your intuition to guide your decisions as apposed to diving right in to all things passion impulsively. Trust me, that can and will burn you. But, again there is another planetary energy that will save you from the flames of lustful distraction and into the arms of the love if life itself, is Pluto.

Pluto, along side Mars, rules Scorpio. Yes…Scorpio is one helluva deep oceanic sign. Pluto is all about the subconscious…the things that you really feel, desire, and need deeply, even your fears and regrets. They all linger here long after we’ve consciously thought they were a thing of the past. Which is why it’s important to cleanse your subconscious through rituals and meditative practices and this full moon would be perfect for that. You can choose to face what is held within your subconscious mind through acknowledgment and acceptance to release any un-needed forces that remain. This will surely cause an abundance of new beginnings. Of course…if that’s what you REALLY want in your life.

tumblr_oygf4zyJwP1umgyvho1_500.gif*cough* Vibrate HIGHER.

Fun Fact: Taurus is exaulted by the moon, making up it’s super passionate yet super down to earth (and yes, stubborn) vibe.








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