Dark horse: Love the darkness to [BE] the light. 


download (5)…oh how easy it is to love when things are seemingly perfect. But…what about the times when we have to create a view of perfection out of imperfection? When just the thought of who we used to be or even currently are, seems hopeless and helpless?

It takes a surprising amount of strength to answer these questions in such a way that will convince the subconscious mind filled with doubt and learned helplessness that you are ENOUGH. I mean it’s everywhere, from Instagram quotes to Tumblr gifs, self-love is the key to prosperity. Our physical bodies are just as much of a blessing as our spiritual ones. OWN it. There is no other like it. Improve it, but never out of spite of what is.

Most of us tend to get so wrapped up in the idea of who we should be. Yeah, this isn’t at all a bad thing…as a dream can never come true until it is first dreamt. However, being miserable every second of the day spent with comparison of yourself vs. another, or if you’re like me, your past self vs. your future self, trying to find the answers to your life’s questions and even your value in it…will only create a reality filled with a chain reaction of sadness. You don’t want to be sad do you? This is your legacies foundation on the line! I mean, just look at your past self…living life all recklessly and whatnot…as screwed up as it made your present situation lingering for you to clean up, you made the mess with a smile…so essentially, even the f*cked up you (that really isn’t as f*cked up as you think) now was made from love…or at least, what you believed to be love in those moments.


…That’s all we can ever really do. Learn, live and apply. When you see yourself living life not applying anything you’ve learned, that is when you can beat your own a$$. And I mean, verbally abuse the hell out of yourself because that self, isn’t your best self. Every day, you need to whisper sweet nothings into the ears of who you know you can be, your best self…your youest you (a speacial shout out to Dr. Sues) and mean every word. You ARE the best, right now. When you start seeing yourself as that person and feeling how you imagine you’d feel in that existence…you will continually grow into this person you were destined to be despite the odds, with the same smile that was present when you had no idea who this person was yet. When you had no clue as to what love was..but now you do, more and more each day. That’s a different type of happiness…a happiness that won’t leave you low as a consequence to it’s presence, but will lift you higher to the you you’re supposed to be.

Accept to progress.



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