Why I added SEAFOOD to my vegetarian lifestyle.

tumblr_orfxtgKheP1rz1tv9o1_500Okay, this may seem quite contradictory…Like seriously, how could I possibly dare call my lifestyle a vegetarian one when I have began eating the poor little marine animals of the world again? Well, the answer is…because I still eat hella vegetables! Will I ever pick up a cooked chicken’s breast and grind it between my teeth like a ravenous monster unable to find any of that good ‘ol high vibrational lush nearby to feast on? NO! 

You see, there’s quite a few things that we all need to consume in order to function properly. B12 is one. of. them.

B12A lack of protein is probably the #1 argument starter via those who refuse to see my logic in eliminating meats from my diet. However, protein is found in many plants, beans and seeds, as the protein that’s present in animal flesh is a product of the plants, beans and seeds that they to too have previously eaten. HOWEVER, B12 is essential for a healthy nervous system and can leave you feeling drained often and fatigue regardless of how much water you drink or how much sleep you get…trust me, I KNOW. Brain fog is a MFer.

B12 is mostly found in dairy and seafood (especially seafood), with things like liver, oysters and shellfish being the top providers of this DNA synthesizing nutrient.

This clearly connects to the “all things in moderation” proposition. As too much or too little of anything comes with it’s own set of consequences. Mercury easily becomes a concern in seafood, but when you choose to eat oysters in moderation as opposed to tuna most of the time (which is more likely to have a higher percentage of mercury due to its lengthy lifespan) you kinda find that happy medium for both you and the oceanic habitat overtime.

Pictured below is my first seafood meal in months and my first order of oysters EVER. *drools*

(Yes, I’m fully aware that fried foods are horrible for you but I needed to ease into the texture of oysters, okay? They were freaking YUMMY! Check out Steamhouse Lounge in Atlanta, GA for this and even more options to satisfy your seafood longings.)

EveryBODY is different.

foods-vitamins-energyWhether you make permanent changes to your diet for your love of animals, spirituality, etc…make sure you are always getting to know your body and taking heed to any “off” feelings as none of us are meant to feel anything less than alive. What you consume determines how you and the generations to come after you physically and mentally function in this reality.



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