The Mind Clothing

It’s no secret, that the secret to life lies within perception. Well, at least it shouldn’t be a secret! …but looking at the atrociousness within the news these past several generations…common sense should have been renamed to “selective sense”, a LONG time ago. Ah, Darwinism…

SQ9LnONvHow we view ourselves, our lives and others, is what will be reflected back to us within the days to come. How we feel at this very moment, is the determining factor of how our realities will unfold in the future. What we do also determines what we’ll see blossom before our eyes, because it is those very seeds that have no choice but to sprout in due time… You can choose to water your path with love or hate…either way, life goes on and you reap what you sew.

The mind is a powerful thing, and I recently had the honor to work with the mind behind The Mind Clothing, Brandon Todd. This clothing line is essentially a reminder to “mind your vision”. Kind of like a wearable vision board! The first thing you notice is the brain. Looking as focused as the baby staring at you in the grocery line. It’s intense. That’s passion fueled by curiosity… whatever it is that you’re passionate about…you need to FOCUS. ON. THAT. Despite what the world tells you, it can be achieved but you have to love it enough to believe that it can be. You have to love yourself enough to get out of the rut and put in the work to make it happen. After all, what you give your energy to, is what you give life to.





img_2956…are the words connected to the mind. Giving the fantastic 4 a whole new meaning! From the moment I put on this 100% COTTON t-shirt, I knew I wouldn’t want to take it off…but with this new sunflower yellow color option, how could I? Each time I look in the mirror, I’m basically reminded of why I haven’t committed suicide…It’s like a ray of sunshine shining light on the fact that deep down inside I know that I am blessed with a mind that only I can control, therefore I am blessed with a life that only I can control…and if I wan’t it to be better, I gotta “MIND MY VISION“.

Knowledge is power.

Power is LOVE.

Love is the truth…and the truth, shall set you F R E E.




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