Like brushing your teeth, your DREAMS should never be forgotten.

Yesterday, I was asked the most casual question known to man other than “What’s your name?”. The words, “What is your ultimate goal?” released from his lips and into my ears like a taser softly sending it’s force up to my brain creating a pause…suddenly, I somehow couldn’t put into the right words exactly what it is that I live for. I knew in my heart what it was, but sometimes love is hard to explain…but that’s no excuse.

tumblr_inline_otktdifbxX1rc6c43_540Opening my mouth in response, I tried to conjure up a sentence that would not only make sense, but also shine the light of what I feel to be the most beautiful goal I could have been blessed to even attempt to strive for. However, the “plan B” of my true desires discordantly made it’s way out.

How could I?

tumblr_nopn92xKgd1qk0kjeo1_500.gifHow could I just forget what it is that gives me life? A dream should be engraved into your mind like a theatre sign surrounded by flashing LED lights announcing the next big performance soon to come. You cant miss that! If you keep driving by without bothering to look over and remember why you’re taking these planned risks in the first place…you’re going to miss the show that you were supposed to be the star of and not only will the audience that needed you to be there be pretty freaking pissed that you lost yourself in other obligations and somehow along the way listed your priorities as mere options, but you will also kick yourself when you realize that you could have been there had you only taken the time to think about the things you love as opposed to the things you think you’re capable of being loved by, which is almost always what’s “realistic”.

I’m sure you’ve heard or seen the phrase “If your dreams don’t scare you, you’re not dreaming big enough”. Well, most of our true dreams are scary as crap and naturally as humans, we seek safety. Safety is found in the known and the easily attainable. YOUR DREAMS ARE RARE and know the game so you better leave the pick up lines at the door and chase them with your heart or you’ll lose them the second you wake up and realize you could of had them if you only stepped your game up, better yet, stopped playing games all together...but that’s another story in itself.

tumblr_nbo0qo45bc1qzw2ajo1_500Our journeys will consist of many stepping stones disguised as obstacles, and it’s up to you to keep your eye on the prize and remember exactly what it is that you’re fighting for every. single. day. Your dreams are a part of you that deserve the attention you would give them as if you were already there. After all, the only things that grow are the things we nurture. What we fail to nurture and tend to daily in some way…eventually die. If you were to forget to brush your teeth everyday…you’d not only have stank breath, but you’d probably loose all your teeth! Oh yes, it’s the little things…

Keep your dreams ALIVE. Keep them in your heart and in your MIND to watch them come true right before your EYES.





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