VENUS in Virgo 2017: Work hard, play hard!

tumblr_nlov2mzOE11rxjiwco1_500Okay guys, I’m a little late on this post considering that Venus has been in Virgo since the new moon entered Virgo on the 19th! However, being a Virgo sun with a Libra moon AND a Venus in Virgo myself, it’s needless to say I have been thoroughly basking in this energy! It’s such a liberating feeling. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and though it was painful than a mother fugger, my back muscles are now to die for!

Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus is the planet of love and beauty overall and let me tell you…if you ever meet a Libra sun, you’ll feel their confidence from a mile away. Libra is also all about balance, hence their symbol being, basically, a balance beam. Harmony equates to beauty to them, because let’s be honest…chaos isn’t attractive (…unless you’re a person with strong Scorpio or Geminian energy causing the drama to slightly turn you on.)

Any who, as soon as I found out Venus was going to be in my tight a$$ Virgo sign, I nearly tore a muscle in my cheeks from smiling so hard. No literally, they’re still sore.tumblr_mzz2waT6vN1sihznvo1_400

The energy of Venus allows Virgo to get out of their heads and actually, kinda sorta, let people in. Virgos can be very analytical, this is no secret whatsoever, and they OVERTHINK. Just thought I’d add that because being analytical isn’t SO bad because it helps you get sh*t done efficiently, but when you cross the lines of harmless keenness and start replaying one scenario in your head until you’ve created 5, and none of them add up…things can get dangerous. All this nervous energy builds up and creates a level of insecurity. NOTHING SEEMS GOOD ENOUGH. Well, thanks to this oh, so beautiful Venus energy coming in to share some light, Virgo is at least more likely to be around people and feel a sense of self-worth that they really have a hard time appreciating due to the fact that they ALWAYS seek room for improvement.

Venus also opens the heart to love. If you know a person with strong Libra energy, they’re most likely a flirt. They flirt because they genuinely love, love! To a Libra, seeing others smiling means they’re happy and happy people are usually aligned within…even if it’s just for that moment, everything is level and vibing high. Lord know’s Virgo could benefit from a little vulnerability… As independent as they can be…that often hinders A LOT of friendships and even relationships. This Venus energy, which will be painting the Virgo constellation until October 14th, is sure to give way to opportunities that would have otherwise been over looked.

Wait, let’s stop for a second and put and emphasis on O P P O R T U N I T I E S.

This combo highly benefits all signs of the zodiac as well, I mean c’mon, we’re all on this big rock together so we feel the things that happen around it to some degree. In general, Venus being in Virgo should open a lot of doors! You’ll see that you somehow know exactly what to say to stand out. Be it your presence in a job interview or your ability to get others to come to your side and take heed to what you have to say…it’ll happen effortlessly as like attracts like…love attracts love.

Confidence is a product of self-love.

Overall, Venus in Virgo is bringing us lots of love and enhanced social interaction, while still allowing us to focus on our individual goals. Beware of any disorganized energy that may rise as Libra season has come in…with Virgo’s overthinking and Libras tendency to have a hard time making decisions because of their underlying need to please all parties…things can get shaky. I recommend taking a moment to meditate. Even if it’s just one big breathe in and out. This help to bring out the better qualities in this side of Venus and Virgos energies and allows them to work together in, you guessed it, harmony, for the greater good.

A lot of beautiful things can happen when you follow your heart, yet take your mind with you.



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