Lucid Living.

tumblr_obc8bnFKP51tylr0uo1_500.gifIt all began when I was meditating in my car on my lunch break. Eyes closed, listening to a guided meditation…nothing super special, just any ol’ one you can find easily on YouTube.

I felt and kind of saw, myself trying to lift…from myself. If that makes sense… I was kind of afraid to let it completely lift up, because I rarely experience supernatural experiences like this due to my over active brain…so I didn’t know if I was going to die or not if I didn’t figure out how to get back to my physical self in time or something.

This experience made me think of the connections between dreams, imagination and reality.

When it comes to life, there are no set of rules that every single person must live by… Why? Because having rules would suggest that there is a winner. How could there possibly be one winner out of the billions of people that exist on this planet?

I’ll tell ya…

But first, close your eyes…and think of the most beautiful place in the world. Now, imagine being there. Fearless, financially free, living the life you’ve always dreamed of, etc. After you’ve gotten lost deeply in that visual to the point of being able to smell the atmosphere that seemingly surrounds you…open your eyes. Is that where you are now? Most likely not…but, how do you feel? Much more at peace than you did before, I’m sure.

tumblr_ofxgwphcN11twnexlo1_500Keep this feeling for as long as possible. Whenever you feel yourself anxious or pressured by life’s temptations to be and honor anything other than who you truly are…remember that feeling you had when you closed your eyes as the person you know you can be. I mean, if you can see it…it can be achieved, right? You DO believe in yourself, RIGHT?

Okay, what does this have to do with rules? Well, though there aren’t any “rules”, per se…there is a rod. A guiding rod…that you should trust and follow above all else. That guiding rod is love/God/light/higher power, whatever you chose to call it…when you chose to believe, you have chosen to follow this course of action, that natural force within, therefore, making you the winner of your own self and life in it’s entirety. Once you’ve won here, the trophy’s never really stop popping up, even in unfavorable situations…why? Because you’ve taken control.

Just like a lucid dreamer, completely aware that they are in fact, dreaming, decides the outcome of their dreams…you can create the outcomes in your life. (Dreams, of course, are shorter than the average human’s lifespan…so things won’t drastically change immediately…but you know what can change immediately? How you perceive it all…

tumblr_olu7l8Bn6z1vti7cqo1_500.gifDISCLAIMER: You can NOT create the outcomes of other people’s actions…that WOULD be manipulation. Once you choose this route, you stray off the path of light and go into darkness, as you’ve officially turned off the power within yourself and decided to fondle with the power within other people, in fear of any “threats” they may pose…not. cool.

At any moment, you can realize that in order to bring your dreams in to reality, you have to first let love guide you. Love know’s the path for you and the steps needed for you, as an individual…and all you have to do is walk with it, in faith. FEEL like your dreams are coming true and they will at the perfect time, if you see them worthy enough to get up and follow, of course.

PS. They are worthy.

Become conscious of the moment you’ve been given…you’re in this thing! Let love guide you and give you the strength to manifest things even better than your dreams (because let’s be honest, everything we want, isn’t always best).

You’re here.

Be here.

Be happy.

Be lucid.



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