Full Moon in Pisces 2017.

Pisces full moon September 2017

…imma let you finish, but first I have to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIRGOS! 🙂

tumblr_inline_o25hzfd8BY1tzsu8m_500.gif‘Tis the season of deep rooted affection just waiting to be released from the seemingly cold and aloof shell of most Virgo’s as we know it. Of course we can’t forget about the spiral of thoughts that make us dizzy as we try to keep our eyes open to whats actually going on right before them (…and not going bat sh*t crazy when we realize it doesn’t even meet our ridiculously high exceptions when we finally do stop to tune in).  However, what would the world do without our unearthly eye for detail and incomparable ability to make mental connections through silent observation alone…I’ll tell you, the world would be like a child that ran away from home because it thought it’s mom was a b*tch, then realized she really just loved them too much to let them screw up their life…like they chose to do regretfully out of spite anyways. *sigh* We really do mean well…

tumblr_op99hbJDpw1w6tp9po1_500.gifAnywho, with the moon in Pisces, this duo may be causing some brain fog, confusion and even conflict (inner & outer). The Virgo sun energy naturally makes us more analytical and seeking the truth even beyond the answers! Though, with the energy of the Piscean full moon pulling us into a never, never land of whimsical fantasy…it’s safe to say you’ll drive yourself crazy if you don’t even attempt to balance the two. With every set of opposite signs, there’s a love/hate reality. Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs, but when used complementary to each other, love WILL win. It’s water and earth, I mean c’mon… chillax and you’ll feel the innocence of the Virgo child within playing hopscotch in the clouds of the Pisces imagination.

Sounds freeing, eh? As it should.


This is the first full moon since the solar eclipse on August 21st, so any intentions set then are likely starting to crack from the shell. Just don’t end up killing your self and the poor victims that happen to be in the wrong persons life at the wrong time. Use this to amplify your creativity. Pisces is a very creative sign and can easily combine the spiritual and earthly worlds together like yin and yang IF, they don’t get completely lost in one or the other as a coping mechanism. Virgo is a very self-sufficient sign, so combining the two, you can manifest your powerful ability to create a beautiful work of perceptual art with this energy.

Take the time to acknowledge and accept whatever it is you’re feeling and simply be present. Then let it go to gain stability again through insight.


It’s crucial to remain as focused on each moment as possible, putting an emphasis on even the cheesiest of joys…you’ll be surprised at the bonuses life can throw your way for watering earth with your intentionally attentive love and appreciation.




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