Eczematic Solutions.

Yup, you read it right. “Eczematic” solutions. I’m secretly the queen of spell check because once these fingers get to moving, there’s really no time to slow down and make sure that spaghetti is spelled with two t’s as opposed to two i’s ( *sigh* my downfall in the 5th grade spelling bee). However, “eczematc” was an intentional combination of the words eczema and asthmatic because I somehow stumbled upon these products that basically relieve and even eliminates the symptoms of both asthma and eczema.

download (4)If you’re like me, you probably suffer from both. Personally, my asthma is triggered by dust, pollen and working out in cold weather as opposed to anxiety and general strenuous activities and my eczema flares up on my wagina (the somewhat technical term for the inside of the elbow, definitely not a typo) . HOWEVER, after trying nearly everything in the dang book from sniffing pine cones and nearly burning the top layer on my skin with apple cider vinegar, this miracle kind of just jumped in front of my face and said “HEYYY!” Seriously, it’s like we instantly became friends before I even tried it. It was beautiful.

51NgnvONlYLThis soap not only leaves you feeling like butter and smelling like cookies, after using it, my eczema instantly faded. Prior to my shower, it was itchy and inflamed but once I lathered in it, there was a slight tingle on the effected area but whatever magic happened between this activated charcoal and shea butter mixture, was beyond what I even expected. The entire day the area did not itch at all! Granted, I did pat dry the area post-shower, then applied aloe vera gel followed by coconut oil (by the way, this is a great remedy for the entire body, ESPECIALLY if your skin gets dry).

Click here to try this bar-shaped blessing.


I highly suggest this soap to anyone looking for an eczema solution and is tired of smelling like apple cider vinegar in the process.

81DYkA8uHaL._SX522_Now, for my fellow asthmatics…there’s also a soap with the same amazing benefits of activated charcoal but also the properties of sandalwood. Sandalwood is good for it’s calming affects, which in turn promotes breathing regularity and opens the airways when inhaled. (SIDE NOTE: It also improves memory). The list goes on for daysss.

Click here to try it! 

These products are vegan and organic. Enjoy breathing again and watching your eczema fade away all while the rest of your body enjoys the detoxifying qualities of these soaps ingredients as well! Yes, ladies…it’s super safe for your vagina too!


P.S. You’ll want to eat it, but please don’t

…the soap, not your vagina.

That’d be extremely uncomfortable, I’m assuming.








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