Mind is to Core.

1-funnypictures.dkLately, a lot of people around me have been mentioning the fear of catching that oh so fatal, yet orally self-inflicted, dunlap disease. You know, when your belly dunlaped over your belt? I’m taking it as a sign that, especially as a women, more attention needs to be put on my gut, and I’m not just talking weight.

About a few months ago I attended a one of Black & Beautiful women’s brunches and one of the speakers, Jasmine Thompson, mentioned the negative effects that stress has on our bellies. She mentioned that when cortisol is released in our brains due to high stress levels, we bloat…and females know exactly how hard it is to lose lower belly fat as is, so to add bloat plus the sugary cravings (i.e. “comfort foods”) that come along with the production of this hormone as well, just creates even MORE stress as a consequence for the consequences of the initial stress! Basically, your gut effects your brain constantly and vice versa…

Click here.

img_2204My mom used to always tell me, “if nothing else, make sure you workout your waist”. Not just for superficial, aim for an hour glass figure, reasons…but because the core is essentially where it all begins. From the formation of your very being to the amount of energy and drive you have once you’re here. What you put in that thing, MATTERS. What you put in your mind, MATTERS. Honestly, your whole life is effected on every possible level based on these two things alone.

(To the right is an old photo of my own gut when although I was at a low vibratinal level in life and making bad decisions left and right…I still was not stressing it and working out like Ali. Sadly, soon after…the lower belly came when I realized I was in fact, making terrible life choices and lacking true self-love on a spiritual level…but that’s another story.)

Focusing on your gut health is an important factor, especially for women…yes, embrace yourself at any size you are at the moment, but life is all about improvement. Heck, your sanity may be on the line while you’re throwing nutella & oreo frosting stuffed crepes down your throat all because you let Sally work your last nerve and now your’re secretly plotting her downfall. Simply breathe in some lavender and let karma hit that b*tch with a bottle cause you might just go to jail and there’s entirely too much to life for besides having to live in fear of broomsticks. philippines-10137nf2-2

…but I digress.


Below are some videos from a couple of my favorite YouTubers that are perfect for when you’re short on time but want FAST results! (P.S. These are the first ever videos I personally did from these two, so I can attest that they are BOMB.)

  1. Vicky Justiz


2. Brick Built Apparel  




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