The Moon & the Largest Star.

Wow, talk about a beautiful day…the vibes, eh…not so much…but watching the moon hug the sun regardless of what people may think of it appearing in broad daylight when it’s so used to staying comfortably among the stars at night….indescribable. Granted, I only saw this happening for 5 seconds before it was time to get back to work at my day job…but the visual as well as the sensation will stick forever.

tumblr_ov200vFQgg1vblmbqo1_500.pngWhat’s the big deal? I’ll tell you…regardless of the crazy energy coming through from this mercury retrograde, solar eclipses bring super transformational energy. Seeing the darkness combined with the light alone demonstrates the beauty that even the most hidden parts of our souls posses. There have never been more warnings for people to not look at the sun until the moon decided to slide along the way…heck, many people could careless about the moon at all on an average night, but during a solar eclipse…they are both equally admired. The sun/moon energy that comes from this is said to last a long time so whatever you decide to do with it, is solely on you.

tumblr_omixx5zVFd1t7zhk3o1_500Today, I had to recognize the darkness of my own light. Sure, in the months prior to this point, it had crossed my mind. But you know what they say…”a confused mind says no” and subtly, I had been saying no to what finally made complete sense today.

You see, I have a lot of patience…not really, but I like to display patience because I am naturally an open-minded, understanding person. However, we all have our limits when not everyone has your best interests at heart. I couldn’t quite wrap my head completely around why certain people felt the need to take my kindness for weakness…then it dawned on me…you can be TOO kind. As a Virgo sun, I’m almost always misunderstood because i’d have to never stop talking to thoroughly explain my choices to the small minded people I come across that like to assume I’m weak because I don’t pop a blood vessel calling them out on their BS all the time. (Instead, I keep mental tabs and blow up at the wrong time). But with this energy…although I’d rather chase my dreams than chase their approval, I realized that subconsciously I actually had been seeking their approval after all. I had been programming myself to immediately understand their actions just to avoid hurting their feelings or offending them in some way. Not out of fear, but general respect. When really, not everyone deserves to be understood (heck, or even respected) because after awhile, your understanding turns into excuses…and though patience is a strong quality to have, too much of anything can and will be used against you in the court of the universe.

tumblr_oi904fBZLy1tekavlo1_400.gifThe balance between light and dark is essential for ongoing growth and success. It hurts like hell at first, because who wants to admit that they’re not perfect, let alone try to change something that’s virtually become a deep rooted habit? NO ONE. But it’s necessary and possible.

This solar eclipse couldn’t have been in a better sign than Leo because those lions know how to step their game up and receive love and admiration in return, much like this sun/moon duo did today. It didn’t happen because they knew we’d be looking…it happened because it was time.



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