Cauliflower, baby.

img_2151Today, I began my journey as a vegan. Yup…after being a pure vegetarian for almost 6 months, I feel my ability to self regulate has grown enough to even let go of my all time favorite mucus forming dairy product, cheese. Any who, I decided I was going to make a coconut cashew curry for dinner, with a million spices and other ingredients, one being cauliflower. Honestly, just placing it in my grocery buggy felt random and slightly un-called for. For the longest, I thought cauliflower was just the albino version of broccoli. No real difference, just a matter of what color you felt like seeing in your meal. However, though they are both very nutritious (seriously, they’re vegetables),  I found that cauliflower is especially good for the mommy’s-to-be out there.

Click here.

tumblr_nfwf9mzV9c1sy2gbho1_500You know the placenta? That big bloody blob looking thing , that kinda resembles the tree of life attached to a baby via umbilical cord? Well it’s a whole organ that forms inside you when you’re pregnant and plays a MAJOR role for your baby. Like…providing freaking oxygen to it, just to name one. I don’t care what your cravings are, you better grind up some cauliflower and make it look as much like marshmallow fluff as you can just to fool yourself to help your baby out.

Cauliflower protein fluff…it’s a thing.

BUT, since I’m not at all pregnant (unless celibate Mary is the modern day phenomenon) I’ll keep this short and sweet before I’m in over my head and attacked with emails saying I have no right to say what I’m saying (although 100% factual…I understand) : To those with child, eat your cauliflower…if you eat your placenta after birth, that’s up to you. But in order to have a worthwhile placenta to begin with, go cauliflower.




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