Energetic Trio (AUGUST ’17).

August 2017 Motto: “Good things come to those who wait.”img_2107

With all that’s happening this month involving the lunar eclipse, mercurial retrograde, and solar eclipse energy swirling all around…emotions are holding on for dear life with the bumps and loops of this vibrational roller-coaster called life right now. Granted, the energy isn’t the worst…but that may be because I’ve planned ahead enough to understand it better. So it’s only fair that I share with you guys this universal message to help prevent the confusion induced breakdown that may lie ahead otherwise.

download (1)I’ve been working on some goals and we all know the energy that comes when the ideas start flowing through our bodies like liquid through a crazy straw… It’s like we want everything that we want to be everything that we have, right now! Oh, the investments are endless but be careful, because with this trippy a$$ energy…you can’t possibly think that everything is what it seems to be. We often have the tendency to get in the game too soon without knowing all the rules and end up getting PLAYED. Please, don’t play yourself. Sit down and thoroughly write down any groundbreaking ideas you may be having but be open minded to every possibility because you’ll be surprised by what else will formulate perfectly into your agenda overtime.

images (4)Love is PATIENT. Do you love your dreams? Do you want to see these very dreams become reality? Well you need to nurture them correctly…don’t try to force them before your eyes before they’re ready…that’s like dream-rape…you gotta recognize the signs that the universe gives you (i.e. blocks, failed transactions, etc) and understand that no means no! Respect your goals enough to get to know them better first…not the idea of them alone, but who they really are, that’s how you see their truest potential, THEN you can make some major moves, because you believed enough to wait with the knowledge needed to pursue it all accordingly and appropriately.

images (3)Life is all about taking risks, but right now isn’t the time to go all fire sign…Us earth signs get a bad rep for being over analytical, but um…your brain isn’t just up there to decorate your fMRI…but I digress.

Don’t worry, by the end of the month things should start gaining more clarity and you can fly without fear of a storm because it will just have gone around you during your plotting period.

tumblr_omixx5zVFd1t7zhk3o1_500.jpgFocus on the good thoughts and don’t overthink…that just creates less favorable scenarios that likely aren’t at all real that will only bring you down, this energy isn’t meant to crush you…but to build your wildest dreams, efficiently.






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