Aquarian Full Moons + Milk Baths = Whimsical Manifestations.

Here we are. In the midst of the only Aquarian full moon of 2017 in sync with a partial lunar eclipse and the energy already forming from the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st. WOW. 

George-Tarsoudis1.jpgThat’s a lot of vibes. And if you’re kinda like me…you’re gonna need a way to organize all these feels and use this energy to your advantage. Heck, even if you’re able to adapt easily to the shake ups in the air, it never hurts to take some time out to really just focus on your intentions for the present moment in correspondence with the unfolding of your future.

images (2)This Aquarian full moon brings us a brush of whimsical air, forcing us to embrace our own…erm…”unique” qualities for others to enjoy as well. When you’re alone, you are your most YOU. There is no filter on your thoughts, nor any holds on what you just might do next. You are free…and this full moon will bring out these qualities in us, against our will, to light up the physical world around us with the major changes under way! Aquarian’s are one of the only signs who could literally spend the rest of their lives alone and be just as happy if they were surrounded by the endless love of a galaxy of people. This is because they are weird and not ashamed of it! They love themselves and are completely  aware and all accepting of their weirdness as a their own… when they walk, they’re in their own little worlds but when they speak to you, they’ll happily allow you in their quirkiness when approached.

b501e36900792fbe312b482be773f160--powdered-milk-bath-salts-recipeThis air sign energy in combination with the full moon also creates a space for even our wildest dreams to soak up the power to be birthed before our eyes in due time. Got something you think is crazy…but just might work? Meditate on it, pray, and KNOW that it will work. Go after it everyday and feel it forming into existence with each step you take towards it. BUT FIRST…let’s soak!

dd3b70e6dabdf95093dd7d9bf93a1360--bath-tubs-bath-saltsMilk baths are not only beneficial to the body for superficial reasons but also spiritual. Just looking at the milkiness of the warm water as the flowers of choice slowly float freely around your body is mentally freeing while also keeping you aware of your present, tangible world. Adding essential oils like lavender, vanilla, or my new favorite, peppermint mixed with vanilla, also adds to the experience. Add some pink Himalayan salt and you’re golden as the toxins and negative energies are subtly expelled from your body as you breathe in what’s good. Breathing is key with this airy full moon so make sure to fill each breath with the right intentions to fulfill your goals on various levels.

WARNING: I felt kind of disoriented after this bath on into the next morning. However, upon sunrise…the positive shift began to show as well in the light-hearted energy given to me by those I encountered throughout the day. Guess it’s true what they say…”it always gets worse before it gets better.” You can handle it.




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