Waxing Gibbous Moon in CAPRICORN – 08/03/17

tumblr_oovlvmM41R1ug3t10o1_500Don’t you just love those days off work that allow you to just be FREE? Literally, so free that you flat out don’t do anything the entire time? Well, this wasn’t one of those days for me. August 3, 2017 is the day I had been waiting on for a month. There was no guilt of not being at work, because ya know…I was a good employee and requested the time off much sooner than 7 minutes before my shift. Anyways, thanks to the energy of the Capricorn moon…I slept in only a couple of hours longer than I would have had I been scheduled to clock in. Yup…there I was, full of energy on the floor doing yoga and struggling to keep my mind off how much fun I was gonna have that night…after I run my full list of freaking errands of course.

Side note: Doing nothing is not Capricorns definition of “freedom”, but more so…doing EVERYTHING until the body refuses to allow you to do anything, is. But at that point, you’ll be rolling in so much success that the pain will convert to pleasure.

Moon by antonycooperba

A waxing gibbous moon is all about action…and boy, was I on the go. Nope, I’m not complaining, because had I slept in until noon like I thought I was physically prepared enough to do, I would of been miserable due to my anxiety caused from feeling internally rushed! (Virgo probs)

After burning half a tank of gas going back and fourth across the town just to end up where I had originally planned to go, pre-doubt…I finally got back home to get ready for the night! Oh, by the way…this was the first night of Bryson Tiller’s Set it Off tour that I was anticipating.

So, after getting dressed into almost a completely different outfit than initially set out, I made my (approx.) 2 hour drive to the Atlanta, GA! The energy was calm…for the amount of traffic and people jay-walking out of nowhere…I felt absolutely no sense of urgency. Capricorn loves WORK. So the business didn’t seem so hectic and more so…like home. Capricorns thrive in commotion when on a mission and are focused until it’s complete and with this moon energy…it was a blessing to say the least.

Did I mention that people actually said “excuse me” when they bumped in to me? Yeah, I’m trying to plan all my travels around Capricorn energy!

img_1787The Fox theater is absolutely beautiful…appealing to my personal Librian moon on so many levels…I could have honestly just sat outside the bathroom, sipping my glass of red wine and watched the dang concert from the tv screen. Needless to say, I was either feeling the energy of this moon placement too much or the wine I really did gulp down was some high quality brand I never had before because I’m only a cheap wine-o at heart. I felt sooo chill that it was almost like a dream. Capricorns are also all about POWER. With the newly formed energy of the sun entering Leo on July 22…fire and earth combined in such a way that left me feeling like I was already living in my wildest dreams…just cheering on my colleagues on stage… It was lovely.

…until I was almost back home. Apparently, the late night road workers decided to late night road work and every possible way to get to my house (quickly) was blocked off due to wet tar. I almost lost my cool, and would have willingly parked my car behind the road blocks and walked for 10 minutes to get home…but with the energy of the Capricorn moon in the air…I just took the long way…adding an additional 40 minutes to my route and made it home with a little over 3 hours left to sleep before I had to begin the next day. However, I felt super accomplished…and that’s really all that matters right?

img_1734Bryson is a Capricorn sun by the way…I’m sure he felt pretty accomplished too bringing out Rick Ross, 6lack, 21 Savage, Young Thug and others I wont name because just thinking back to it all is making me want to throw it in a circle…but it’s Sunday…so I won’t.

P.S. 6 stars for The FOX!



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