Goddess Corner

Rise above Compromise.

tumblr_ostailu2Sn1w61s9go1_500Now, I am no relationship guru, by ANY means. But I can, however, tell you a thing or two based on the lessons I’ve learned the hard way…over and over again (just to be sure…gotta check your answers, ya know?) Well, one thing that’s held true in all forms of “love” that I have experienced is that freedom was always an issue. This freedom grows from the oh, so detrimental aspect of all love and that’s the love of SELF. When you truly spend time with yourself, figure you out, become accepting of your faults and patient with your journey…you become FREE. You are so recklessly you, in a controlled sense, that nothing or no one can make you see yourself as less than who you know yourself to be. That, my friends, is love. Until you know how to love that person, you’ll fall for all the replicas of love that only pull from you, elsewhere.

tumblr_oooe7pWdH51w19nk2o1_500So when that special someone comes along, or that not-so special someone, you’ll be able to know how to handle things by how free you still feel with them in your life. This goes for friendships as well. If you’re feeling like you need to adjust somethings about yourself, be it via their request or their energy that’s creating subconscious insecurity within, this isn’t freedom. Something about this person is blocking you, from being YOU. I mean, yeah…it’s good to be motivated to be even better than you are now, but once who you are is made to seem like a problem that needs to be solved like yesterday…take your boot off, and hand it to them. You can be sweet about it and not shove it up their a$$, but just kindly say “this is for you…they’re old so you both can be a thing of my past now :)” Simple. And keep being you. Because when you start having to compromise and make all these major adjustments to your life that you really aren’t ready for or willing to ever do…your’e only stressing and falling, deep. RISE IN LOVE, dah-ling. Why go down for them when there’s plenty of fish swimming at the top of the sea of light, highly charged energy pulsations and positive manifestation?

tumblr_mz0rlzosUq1t0l63oo1_500Compromising your freedom to simply be, is like compromising your right to love yourself. If they loved you, they wouldn’t ask/make you feel like you should be anything other than who you are right now. That’s all you’ve got to give, anyways! NOW.

Love is the one thing that can change us…but it’s a change for the better that naturally lifts us to a better “us” in divine timing. Anyone who wants to speed up that process will only end up hindering that process because there is no true love involved…only immediate compromise to please their expectations…

Artwork by Eagle Vega

Rise in life, in all aspects of your life… Allow love to shift you and avoid those who take away your freedom for their own selfish desires. This is your life…fill it with love and be filled in exchange.


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