Goddess Corner

Uterus Yoga!

WARNING! This post is for those with female organs ONLY and may contain content too verbally disturbing for some to bear. Continue reading at your own risk.

tumblr_nuzivd8DQL1rgym0xo1_500Okay ladies, we all have uterus’s so this should not at all be uncomfortable to discuss. It reminds us that it’s in us be it through bloody hell *angry British accent* or the lack of a bloody hell when it’s time for it! So, what do we do when the blood oozes out and feels like it has blades at the end of each drop, refusing to just cut their way down and out already? No…not overdose on ibuprofen, hoping that you die, at least until it’s all over with…YOU DO YOGA!!

side-eye-ririAh, yes. Go ahead and roll your eyes on back as this too is a form of “optical yoga”. Yoga actually does help with the onset of menstrual “discomfort”. I kid you not, I risked my life this very Sunday and took absolutely no pain killers for my sorrows to come and what do you know…I had NO sorrow. All because I decided that this just isn’t fair and there has to be another way to cope with not being pregnant without having to WISH there was a baby inside, kicking me in the ribs instead. I did uterus yoga! Bright and early, with an open mind. The results were unbelievable! As a usual excruciating cramper, I can not believe that I still feel amazing (approx. 8 hours later!) Heck, I was more productive today than most Sundays when my bathroom visits don’t look like a crime scene pre-flush.

This is the video I did and highly recommend.

It’s short & sweet and easy to follow.

Hope this helps you guys out, comment or message some of your favorite “monthly” remedies to ease the pangs that come with the beauty of womanhood.




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