Surviving Spiritual Attacks.

Oh, spiritual attacks…let’s start off by saying that YES, PMS can trigger the onset of a spiritual attack. It’s more so an attack on the self, as it’s internally motivated as opposed to a typical attack initiated outside of ourselves…However, the same methods of survival effectively apply. As for the cramping, additional methods, like herbal teas and yoga positions can be discovered via Google. (Ladies, do we EVER catch a break?!)

tumblr_lq6r9k5Oji1qdhh2ao1_500Anywho, there are anxiety attacks and there are nervous breakdowns…and then there’s spiritual attacks….that basically feel like an anxiety attack and a nervous breakdown, combined. Yeah, it’s a pretty serious situation. Whether you believe in a higher power or not, NO ONE IS SAFE. I don’t care if your chakras are aligned straighter than relaxed edges topped off with gorilla snot (which is just really, really strong gel for those grossed out by the visualization of actual gorilla snot)…you are subject to a spiritual attack at anytime!  Yup, this week I’ve been fighting my own way through this war zone within until it dawned on me…”I’m being spiritually attacked!” and decided to do something about it NOW (hump day) instead of staying in my agony until the weekend, in hopes of running from it.

So yes, there are ways to prevent, as well as, fight off these vicious attacks and come out like you never got pulled in.

  1. Realize that you are actually being spiritually attacked: Think back to what may have provoked the attack if you can/are willing. This in itself is the beginning of overcoming this drainage.
  2. Force yourself to do what you would normally be doing prior to the attack: Spiritual attacks leave you feeling sluggish and unwilling to do…well, anything. No matter how much sleep you’ve gotten, you still don’t want to start the day. This is only a result of laziness if there’s nothing really in your life you feel is worth putting energy into, which is also a precursor to depression…but if you have a passion or hobby of any kind that you’ve repeatedly put off due to the lack of motivation lately….your spirit is fighting a battle as we speak! Get in the zone, no matter how hard it is and win this thing! This is your life, AREN’T YOU A FREAKIN’ WINNER?! Make a game plan and get your power back.

images (1)That’s it! Just two steps. Two 4ft tall steps expected to be climbed post leg day….but just two nonetheless. If you let yourself lose this battle…you’re not only stopping your growth, but dropping down in the ditch that you once lived in before you even knew what growth was aside from puberty.

Writing and doing other things that I love to do in my life is what gets me back in good spirits after this event. Literally, the second I FINALLY get engulfed in my art, I feel free. The shift is honestly a beautiful feeling and a grand reminder of the power of love. Notice number two of the two steps to spiritual victory, says “force”…you truly have to force yourself with all your being to get off “E”.

It seems impossible until you start doing what it takes to make it possible. Just do you and you’ll overcome whatever is thrown at you and build with it.





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