How to: Protect your joy from the joyless.


There are times in our lives where keeping our cool isn’t always the most second nature of things to do. However, if you lose that cool…you’ll only burn from the flames of those who’s motivation was to take it from you in the first place.

tumblr_omq9p1X51B1utwxd1o1_500We live in world where happiness slips from the fingers of even the purest of hearts, all because they let the force of the joyless open their hands thinking that their force wasn’t as strong. Many people believe that “turning the other cheek” is a sign of weakness or flat out unrealistic…when in actuality, this is one of the strongest things you will ever do for yourself. When we act, speak or even think out of the anger caused by someone else’s darkness…it is then that we lose our light. The energy within you has been sucked away while the person who sucked it all is now wobbling around like a fat kid in a bathtub full of chocolate covered marshmallows. The satisfaction that they feel through how you react on all levels (physical/verbal, mental and emotional) is unfair to YOU.

We work hard to maintain a sense of hope in a world that tells us who and how to be…just getting out of the bed in the morning can become a repetitious burden, especially for those not living in their light completely, or at all. Therefore, there are sadly some people who can’t find the power within themselves to feel that energy burst of satisfaction and seek to feel it by taking it away from those who were able to create their own. You know what they say,  “misery loves company“.

Happy people naturally strive to make others happy, while unhappy people strive to make others…well, feel what they feel in attempt to feel better. Ha!

tumblr_onj79v6ip71vejl0so1_500Now, this can be a deep-rooted feeling engraved within, feelings caused by an unfortunate event, or just the effects of your pre-morning caffeine injection…you could even be the one feeling like this and looking for happiness everywhere but it’s location. Within YOURSELF. Sounds cliche, as society shows and tells us that joy has a standard appearance…but that’s just the thing. Joy isn’t external and therefore shouldn’t be sought as such. Heck, some of the most well known sociopaths had smiles on their faces! You can only feel joy in it’s truest form.

Regardless of who the joyless thief is, just let them talk that talk (them being, your ego/the ego of others). Just smile as you walk that walk (your spirit/the spirit of others)…because once you start speaking their language, you stop walking just as they have and now you’re stuck…powerless… joyless, and with them…bleh.

tumblr_oj6io6kr0T1rmerh9o1_500Live life in your highest power and believe in the force of what you know and never let what they don’t know make you question that knowledge. Anyone who tries to attack you, will have already lost because you chose to leave them in their flames, because a knowledgeable person doesn’t go around looking to steal joy, because they’d be too busy appreciating the beauty of their own. Protect your self, even when you choose to speak…if it’s only going to come out on their level, just let it go, before you end up there too.


Walk in love, or you’ll halt in hate…



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  1. Micah says:

    Great post. This spoke directly to my soul. Thank you for your words of wisdom and power.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Raven Young says:

      You’re welcome!! Thank you, I’m glad 😊✨


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